2011 Chicago White Sox: ALL up IN your business…



It’s a beautiful thing, not knowing exactly what to expect, and then getting the absolute most unexpected outcome.  Did I think that the White Sox would start 2-0?  Maybe.  But what I was more than anything was anxious, from not knowing exactly who would show up.  The team that looked great (on paper) and poor under the Cactus League sun.  I was hopeful for a decent showing, a tough win followed by maybe a letdown after…but I certainly wouldn’t have predicted what I have witnessed, which has basically been a bunch of gorillas with bats in their hands, absolutely pummelling Indians pitching from the word “go”. 

After the Sox erupted for that 8-spot in the Opening Day game, I have to admit, I was literally giggling…aloud.  I knew it would eventually end, this offensive onslaught, but I was enjoying it nontheless with each additional base knock, and the parade of runners crossing home plate.  (Note: somebody better spell Jeff Cox at 3rd if this is going to keep up, or he’ll soon need the same surgery Peavy had to re-attach his lat with all of the windmill action the poor guy has been forced to employ so far in this young season…)

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts folks, because you know it won’t….it can’t….can it?  Maybe a few games longer?  Pretty please?  Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome in the last game of the Opening series in Cleveland, these guys did what most people thought they couldn’t do (based on recent history, and cursed with a manager that can never seem to get the troops prepared for battle in April)…they came to play early.

Maybe we should rethink that slogan at the top?  How about this one…

2011 Chicago White Sox: Offensive Juggernaut


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