We need a hero…

When exactly was the last time we were genuinely excited about the guys occupying space on our bench?  We’ve had our fair share of guys who could get the job done in limited appearances…names like Ross Gload, Pablo Ozuna, and back a few years…Warren Newsome came to mind as guys you were hopeful as soon as you saw their name in the lineup, or grabbing a bat to step out into the on-deck circle as a pinch hitter.  All too often though, the sight of our bench guys were met with a feeling of “well, we’ll be lucky to win with this lineup today…”  Guys like Brian Anderson (good glove), Willie Harris (could run), and a littany of others (who should remain nameless) were too much of the “one trick pony” variety that didn’t add enough to secure crucial wins in the long haul that is a 162-game season.

This year?  I have genuine hope that we will have the chance to NOT drop off in production (or hope) when our reserves get the call.  It will be Ozzie’s challenge to get these guys enough AB’s to keep them fresh and ready to contribute when needed.  We saw what the ageless wonder Omar Vizquel can do, even in extended duty…We saw what the young stud Dayan Viciedo can do (especially with the bat), so much so that he’s been shifted to the OF to add to his appeal/usefulness to our big club roster…We saw (though not quite enough due to injury) what Mark Teahen can do, mostly against us in the past, and in flashes last year with the bat, why KW coveted this guy…and if he (likely) loses the battle for the everyday 3B spot to young up & comer Brent Morel, Teahen will no doubt fill a variety of different spots around the diamond…and the newest breath of fresh air to potentially fill our sails looks like it comes in the size/shape of a still young, and obviously very talented OF asset by the name of: Lastings Milledge.  A guy who can fill LF AND CF for our crew, has demonstrated speed and pop this Spring, and you cannot argue (similarly to Teahen) with his resume of MLB success that comes with him. Toss a Ramon Castro into the mix to spell AJP at Catcher at least once a week, and this is as excited as I have been about our bench in quite a few years.  Whether this excitement will prove to be unfounded, or false, remains to be seen…but on an upgraded everyday roster like 2011 appears to be on paper, the upgrade (or perception of such) is also very noticeable, at least to this fan.  Last season, without doubt, our Hero award went to Omar Vizquel…this year? My early bet for “super sub” is:  wait for it…Lastings Milledge.  My only hope right now, is that Ozzie Guillen sees fit to give my prediction a fair chance of proving itself worthy…


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