Whatever happened to whitesox.com comment boards?

This just in (and maybe it arrived weeks or even months ago, but I’ve been too busy to notice it earlier):  The douchebags have clearly taken over on the White Sox site.  Sad, really.  There is a total of about 10 guys (maybe) that even bother to post there anymore.  When gogoSox is one of the more positive posters these days, you know that the whole thing is just doomed.  It’s really a shell of what it used to be, when a good baseball debate was just a few lengthy posts away, and the tensions ran high because people actually defended their opinions, and the riff-raff was policed, and ran out quickly….Now?  It’s a cesspool of miscreant imposters, and trolls of the highest order.  And I was the one who used to be blamed for “loyal Sox fans” not wanting to post, for fear of being attacked by little old me?  That’s funny.  I do believe that I am going to have to invest my time in a much more rewarding way while in pursuit of my White Sox passion this season…


There WAS a gem posted not too long ago though, that I hadn’t yet acknowledged.  I felt it would have only taken away from the truth had I dared to side with it on that stank venue…but here, the truth can and shall be recognized:

“I am at a complete loss as to the reasons for finding Ozzie so despicable. Since 2004 the White Sox have had one losing season, have been to the playoffs twice, and won a World Series. How many managers have that on their resume.
True, he is outspoken, and at times says truly inane or ignorant things, but the fact remains he is upfront, honest, and always willing to face the media, good or bad.
And the most telling of all indicators in the abilities, or lack therof, in any manager, sports or otherwise, is the willingness of the team to put out 100% for that manager. Believe me, players don’t play if they do not like the manager. That has never been the case here.
Does anyone think the likes of PK, AJ, Buerhle or Thome would want to stay in Chicago if they thought Ozzie was a negative influence. And while not bringing thome back may have backfired (not all agree on THAT) it seems that Ozzie was upfront with Thome and that is all anyone can ask.
I grow weary of the numbskulls and naysayers who have nothing but criticism, but do not put forth solutions or constructive ideas.
Pitching changes, batting coaches, whatever, there are so many out there who think they know the game better than Ozzie or others who actually do it as a profession. All we can do is watch, enjoy, put in our humble opinions, then enjoy the game. The incessant sniping on the 2nd most successful manager in Sox history is petty, ignorant and tiresome.
Calling Ozzie out means you are also calling out Williams, Reinsdor, most of the national media and the players, all who believe in Ozzie.”

–posted by Slantman

Nice job Slant.  Again, had I responded, the message would have likely been diluted since I am after all, the lowly “defender of the franchise”…like somehow that is something that should be frowned upon????


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