Is this the return of the “South Side Hitmen”???










Alex Rios (at least 20 (with 25-30 not a stretch) HR potential)







Adam Dunn (anything less than 40 HR will unfortunately be deemed a disappointing season)








Paul Konerko (a tough act to follow from his 5th place MVP season a year ago,

but less than 30 from a healthy PK would also be disappointing)







Carlos Quentin (the wildcard in all of this again…barring injury,

no reason that I know of why this guy shouldn’t hit 30 HR’s)









Throw in: Alexei Ramirez (gimmee 20 more please), Gordon Beckham (15-20 is well within his ability when swinging it well), and AJ Pierzynski (15 should realistically be his total output)…plus the power that will come from the rest of the cast, and this could very well be another 200+ Homerun season for our boys in black.  

Will that equal a Division crown?  Not necessarily, but it will be exciting to watch, that much we should be able to count on.


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