Not exactly what you had in mind, is it?

     Well,  if this is what some Twins fans that I have conversed with recently meant by: “making noise in the postseason this year”…I am left to ask the obvious question: What noise exactly was made?

     That’s really all that needs saying, the rest would be perceived as “piling on”, and by the looks of the comment threads since the Twins were officially eliminated from this year’s postseason, I couldn’t possibly say anything new that hasn’t already been expressed by other White Sox fans, Yankee fans, fans of baseball in general, and (surprisingly enough) from some very disgruntled Twins fans themselves…

     And just for a refresher, you might want to go back and re-read my earlier letter that served as the catalyst for this “kinship” between myself and the good folk of the Minnesota Twins fanbase…

     It may read a bit differently today, than it did a short 3 weeks ago.  They say: “How quickly things change” (as in how short a time it took for your team to be riding so high, and now reduced to utter failure)…but in this particular case, it’s more like: “Some things never change” (as in you still cannot beat the Yankees, and thus advance out of the first round, or even begin to pretend to make any “noise” by winning at least 1 game in a series against them), or even better: “The more things change, the more they tend to stay the same” (like my feelings about the Minnesota Twins organization,  and the ever-firm allegiance and loyalty to my Chicago White Sox) …and

(as promised)…


Sincerely, (your pal) WhiteSoxLifer

“Lookin’ forward to doing it again in 2011”


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