Things we know, and things we don’t…

   First off, let me just say that once you’ve gotten used to 7 months of continuous baseball, and then it’s gone for a few days?  That’s tough to deal with.  I forget this each season.  This year (again), I am reduced to watching the postseason without a favorite dog in the fight.  So, when the dog fighting continued yesterday, with a triple header on TBS, I was at once and again, in baseball heaven.

   Let’s get down to cases.  Here’s what we know about my little adopted pet project, The Minnesota Twins…OOO-for the last 10 postseason games.  That is NOT good.  Is it better to make the playoffs, only to choose to not participate in them?  More (I’m positive) on that later.  Next, OOO-for the last 7 against the Yankees in the postseason.  Again, not good, and we may be WAY past ownership and mental blockades here.

   The Twins had a golden opportunity slip through their fingers by catching CC Sabathia on a night that he clearly was not his sharpest.  They had the home crowd on their side, as witnessed by the chorus of childish groaning after each close pitch was called a ball.  [Side note: Get real folks, it was old after the first 5 times you begged.  I know you paid for your tickets, but really. ] I highly doubt there will be a second such opportunity the next time (if there is a next time this PS) that you face Carston Charles. 

File that one under: Bungled

   Now, another thing we know is that the winner of Game 1 , has been the eventual winner of 12 straight ALDS series.  Talk about your uphill climb.  Let’s get to the game, in cliff-notes fashion:

Congratulations go to Francisco Liriano

for waiting until the 6th inning to shit himself this time.

Congratulations to Jim Thome for still being the Jim Thome that White Sox fans had come to the realization that he was not clutch when it mattered most.  Now, you know what we meant Twins fans (is Thome still your homie?)…enough said.

Congratulations to Ron Gardenhire for giving us all the opportunity to witness the pitching talents of Jesse “Crainwreck” Crain.  Can you say: True Colors?  I’ll spare you the Cindy Lauper video clip, this one hurts enough, I’m sure.

   And one last thing we know:  The Yankees not only have a switch that they can flip to the “On” position, but they damn near snapped it off by putting a 6-spot on the Twins in 2 innings…something not easily done in the postseason, when you are supposed to be facing the best pitchers on the opposing staff.  Can you say: Quicker hook?  These defending World Champions are battle-tested, AND battle-proven warriors.  They took the Twins best punches, and then proceeded to pull the old Ali “rope a dope” to pull this one out.   And, IF the Twins even have a switch to flip, it is painfully obvious that they are still fumbling around in the dark to find it…try the other side of the room, guys…you’ll soon find it?

   Okay, enough about Game 1, it’s in the books.  It’s time for: Things we don’t know…We don’t know if Carl Pavano is up to this challenge of trying to even this all important, and pivotal Game 2 of a short series (best of 5).  This happy-go-lucky guy who apparently has endeared himself to his teammates by being “Mr. Laughs” in the clubhouse…we don’t know if he’s: Funny = Ha Ha, or Funny = sad clown, smiling to keep from crying.  I mean, the moustache is funny, as long as you aren’t the guy wearing it….we’ll see which one he is after tonight. 

 To continue, we don’t know if Andy Pettitte is still “as big as they come” AP, or an older, watered-down version of his usual, dominant postseason self.  We don’t know if the Twins can/will respond…I don’t think THEY even know, as bad, and as one-sided as this match-up (notice that I can’t even call it a rivalry) has become in recent years.  And finally, we don’t know if Mariano Rivera will ever show any sign of being human.  Got Mo?  This guy is the Terminator on the postseason stage.  The only “cracking” that ever seems to happen with him, are the opponent’s bats being reduced to kindling for the fire.  Scoop ’em up, Twins bats boys, and make a pile.  You may need it soon enough to stoke that fire for the long, cold, Winter ahead….


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