Do they have a “panic room” at Target Field?

By all accounts, this is a wonderful new stadium, this Target Field.  Built for the Minnesota Twins.  I wonder though, did the architects of this magnificent structure (given the past recent history of this successful regular season baseball franchise) have the foresight to have provisioned for what is becoming a frequent problem?

Recently overheard at a Twins game:  “Um, excuse

 me, can someone please tell me where I might find

the safest place in this stadium?  I am feeling a bit

uneasy about what has been going on around here

lately, and I don’t want to….well, let’s just say that I would feel a whole

lot better if you can direct me to the basement…why the basement?  Well, you see we’ve been

losing a whole bunch lately, and looking downright awful while doing

it.  I mean these games aren’t really as important, but….OH FUCK IT,

does this place have a PANIC ROOM?!!!???”

If they do, it’s likely Standing Room Only in that bad boy…but  if they don’t, they had better build one awfully quick!  Storm clouds on the horizon…and a big ol’ knot in the stomach I bet…


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