Which costume from the “Wizard of Oz” does Justin Morneau secretly wear?

You know, Justin Morneau is a pretty good ballplayer.  The problem is, he can’t seem to stay healthy enough to stay on the field.  To the Twins credit, they seem to play very well without him…making a great run to force (and win) a game #163 against the Detroit Tigers at the end of the 2009 season, and now again this season, putting an incredible 2nd half stretch of winning baseball together to run away with the AL Central Division…again, without their star First Baseman. 

So, I guess my only question today is this:  With all of this spare free time that this ballplayer has on his hands, you know, since he can’t seem to stay on the field to help his team…what does he do to entertain himself?  I had heard through the grapevine that Justin was a huge fan of the classic movie, The “Wizard of Oz”.  So much so, that he enjoys dressing up like some of those classic characters.  I have to wonder, which one is his favorite?

Is it the Tinman?

Is it The Scarecrow?

Is it The Cowardly Lion?

OR, is it The Wizard, himself?

Of course, you’ll remember that the Tinman was lacking a heart

And, The Scarecrow, he needed a brain.

The Cowardly Lion?  He just needed some courage.

But, The Wizard, he was thought to be able to deliver all things to all people, when in reality…he was a fraud…”Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain”

I bet its a tough choice when all four costumes are hanging there in the closet right in front of you…so hard to choose just one, since they all fit so well.  You know, when you are a professional athlete making MILLIONS of dollars, you can have these kinds of things tailored to fit like a glove.  Money is no object, since the fans, they willingly and mindlessly fork it over to see their favorite heroes give it their very best, their maximum effort on the field each and every game.  What I suspect it comes down to each day for Justin, is which one do I feel like wearing today?  Each apply, and each seem to work as an excuse outfit to wear to the ballpark.  Especially since the uniform doesn’t need to be dusted off, because there’s just no telling when he might play again.  No rush though, the Twins are in the playoffs without him, again.  Now, exactly how valuable is he?

But, I’ll tell you what, winning or not…that’s an awfully expensive seat on the bench that Mr. Morneau is warming.  Get well soon, Justin…or not.  It doesn’t seem like the team is missing him much.



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2 responses to “Which costume from the “Wizard of Oz” does Justin Morneau secretly wear?

  1. Honest Twins Fan

    You know what, Jones? One day, you are going to wake up and realise that you have become a full fledged Twins fan.

    I’m sure you are trying to bait some of the Twins fans who have been reading what Twins blogger John Bonnes called your “800 word death rattle” into reading your other Twins-related blogs: And in this case it worked, given that I read what you wrote.

    You have a little bit of Ozzie in you, don’t you? As much as you want to hate us… you can’t help but love us just a little bit. I don’t blame you. As much as your hack (err.. hawk…) announcers like to call you the good guys, you know deep down in your heart that we are the good guys.

    Minnesota nice, buddy. Kill ’em with kindness, and stick ’em in a woodchipper. I hope you have a good winter and are not in too much pain about your team losing. I mean that sincerely, though you likely won’t believe me.

    And I hope you are a good enough sport to show some respect and contrition if my Twins end up making some noise in the playoffs.

    • “Minnesota nice, buddy. Kill ‘em with kindness, and stick ‘em in a woodchipper.” THAT is good stuff. My kind of honesty, and humor with a dark side, “Fargoesque” if you will. On the baiting, actually I wrote this latest blog (“chippy” play) immediately after I got a few comments from the original “letter”, but just delayed posting it. I thought I had to get that Morneau thing off my chest before he came back into the lineup, but the more I hear, the less it looks like that will happen for him. It’s a shame what happened to him, and that it has cost him so much time.

      I think I am finished with the Twins stuff for awhile (unless they do something to inspire me again), it was fun and I was pleasantly surprised how many really good Twins fans I have run across that were cool enough to comment and acknowledge some of the things that they either agreed with or at least understood some of the reasons that I was compelled to write it. But it is time to focus on other things. Here’s hoping for a very entertaining end of the regular season, and some great postseason baseball. If the Twins do “make some noise” this postseason, I will certainly show the proper respect, but contrition? That would likely fall under the old chances of “slim, and none”. Good stuff, Honest. Enjoy the rest of your success this year, the rest of us will be watching, and attempting to harness our envy!

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