“Ease his pain!”

Thank Christ!  Losing streak = Ovah!  Check that, Thank the Marks Brothers.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, has taken as many arrows for these 2 “least of our brothers” all season than I have, and believe you me it was hard & steady work. 

Hey Kotsay & Teahen:  If you never contribute another single thing to the success of the Chicago White Sox for the rest of your lives (careers) on the South Side, just know that I had your backs, and from the bottom of this fan’s heart, THANK YOU for easing WhiteSoxLifer’s pain.  Your timely 2-out hitting ended this putrid, rancid 8-game skid…and just when it looked like we would never win another game all season, you two pulled on your “big boy pants” and finally decided that enough was enough.  For this I will be eternally grateful.  And although it may only be  a temporary fix, it certainly soothed my “Win Jones”.  Thanks again Boys.

And, PS-  Remember this image, Twin fans…

We may be simply playing out the string, but your days of false dominance in 2010 are also dwindling.  Enjoy them while you can, because you may be joining us in the “land of irrelevance” in as soon as 30 days…


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