An Open Letter to the Minnesota Twins, and their fans…

Dear Minnesota Twins,

As a lifelong fan of the Chicago White Sox, I just had to get something off of my chest.  First of all, and let me be absolutely clear about this:  I do not envy your team.  Despite getting the better of us this season, there is not a single piece or part of your franchise that I would wish for.  New stadium?  Congratulations, and it’s about time.  That dome you played in for so many years was an absolute joke.  No baseball game should ever be played indoors, and never on an artificial surface, period.  Home-grown talent?  Who cares.  The goal is winning Championships, by whatever means.  This nonsense about “doing it the right way” and NOT BUYING a World Series (like you all love to claim the Yankees do) is absolute bullshit.  You have more than your fair share of Free Agent signings, and players acquired in trade, this season especially.  Get over yourselves with this idea that somehow you develop talent better than anyone else.  If you did, you wouldn’t have needed the likes of: Jim Thome, Orlando Hudson, JJ Hardy, Delmon Young, Matt Capps, and Brian Fuentes…just off the top of my head. 

 And, winning AL Central Divisions is great, but losing in the postseason makes you an “also ran” just like the rest of the teams that don’t claim the top prize.  What good is a “deep farm system” if you don’t win a World Series?  Do they have a trophy for best-run organization?  If they do, they can keep it, because the idea that your club is somehow “better run” than any other is pure manure.  You have exactly 0 (that’s a Zero) World Series Titles since 1991, that’s a fact.  Your Manager, with each failed appearance in the postseason, continues to add to his well-earned reputation as most undeserving of respect, as he continues to set the bar for underachievement higher each season since taking over for Tom Kelly.  At least that guy won something.  Ron Gardenhire has done nada.  The players?  You can keep them all, each and every one of them.  Including Joe Mauer, including Justin Morneau, and whoever else you’ve got.  I wouldn’t trade a single one of mine, for any one of yours.  Sound crazy?  Maybe, but that’s what I feel a true fan should think.  I have had a real eye-opening of late reading all of the comments from aloof, and ridiculously smug Twins fans on the comment boards this season.  A more self-important group I have yet to encounter on the Internet.  Preaching about how real fans are respectful of other teams, and how a rivalry should be conducted, and wishing each luck, and good health and the rest of it….for this sentiment, I have exactly 3 words to share:  Go Fuck Yourselves, and you know who you are that I am speaking of.  This “high and mighty” appearance of innocence, and decency is the biggest crock in all of fandom.   Add to this the salty play that these “white hat wearing” Twins have displayed against our club this season, with the Delmon Young cheap shot thuggery at home plate, and the numerous “unintentional” hit batsmen during the season series, capped off by the high up and in tailing fastball by Carl Pavano that hit Paul Konerko in the face….that’s right folks, in the face!  Add it all up, and my kettle hath just about boiled over.  

Don’t be confused, this is not sour grapes, nor is it the rantings of an ill-informed fan on the short end of the Division stick, but it is simply my own personal “Declaration of Independence” from anything related to the Minnesota Twins.  I respect your tradition of winning baseball.  Anyone with 2 eyes can see that it is a quality, and competetive product that is on the field season after season, I just don’t care for it, and do not wish any part of it for my chosen team.  Yours is not anything special to emulate, copy, or blueprint in any form or fashion.  Unless it results in multiple World Series Titles, it is just another team like the other 29 fighting to deliver to its fans, the Holy Grail of Baseball.  Find that Grail, Twins, then we’ll talk…until then, there is nothing else to say.   Picture this image each time you see my name…

Sincerely, WhiteSoxLifer

Oh, and PS-  I will be rooting AGAINST your team this postseason (as usual).  CWSWSC+ 5 years, and counting…but at least it isn’t since 1991.  Someone posted that we will be reduced to watching the tape of our ’05 World Series after we were eliminated from contention this season, and I thought to myself…True, I will, but at least I will be able to watch the DVD that I own.  I wonder, did they even have VHS in 1991, or was it still called Beta?  Glad I don’t need to care that it’s been since Gulf War I….aka, fast becoming ancient history since the last…



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147 responses to “An Open Letter to the Minnesota Twins, and their fans…

  1. Bichonman53

    I like it, Lifer.

    • Thanks Bichonman, I should spend more time here, and less time with the idiots. Speaking of which, I am still waiting for my first response from the “holier than thou” Twins crew. I dropped a line on their site just to see what might happen…childish much? Guilty as charged!

      • beantown boy

        You go Broham, preach it brother, preach it!

      • Thanks Bro-Chacho! You know, you and I are in the same boat, since your BoSox came up short this season too. I wonder…will you be rooting for the Yankees and/or the Rays to win it all, just to “support” your (AL East) Division???? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  2. Bichonman53

    I like it Lifer, well said.

  3. Bichonman53

    double post, sorry. Yes, I’ll come here from time to time and see what’s up. Now let’s see what those twinkie fans have to say in response to your post.

  4. GameOver

    I am a Twins fan, and this is just big time trolling by lifer. In honesty, Lifer just wanted to vent his frustrations about the Sox’s season, and I totally get that, but this particular ranting by Lifer really deserves no response from anyone that is mature enough not to step down to his childish level. White Sox/Twins rivalry is great for both teams, and its fans, and for baseball in general. Win, loose, or draw, you shake hands at end of the day, and you move on, it is call good sportsmanship. See you Sox fans next year, peace everyone.

    • Hey GameOver. Don’t use the phrase “In honesty”, unless you are speaking about yourself. Not only did you feel the need to respond, but you did, so what does that say about your level of maturity. In all honesty (see, now it will come from me, not pretending to know about your thoughts) I was venting about all of the bullshit that I had to read from Twin fans trolling my site, AND venting about all of the Twin love that comes from our “fringe fans”. I shake hands with folks who earn my respect, you have yet to do so, so please don’t take it too personal, you’ve just got more work to do. Peace NOT to everyone, just to those I want…that’s the beauty of it.

      • GameOver

        Baseballjones, if you read my post again, I was merely making a point about good sportsmanship, and I was not responding directly or specifically to any of Lifer’s points that he wrote in his blog. You lost me on the peace part….

  5. TwinsFan

    “Don’t be confused, this is not sour grapes, nor is it the rantings of an ill-informed fan…”

    Sounds like sour grapes, but I’ll take you at your word that it’s not. You’re certainly not ill-informed.

    I think you’re just angry, generally. It really comes through in your writing. I’m not offended that you hate my favorite 9 – just imagine being a Yankees fan, where everyone hates your team. And really, I can’t make any good counterarguments, since what you offered was a rant, free of any arguments.

    I’d be interested to see if you’re still this angry six months from now, or if it’s just a temporary thing since the White Sox fizzled out to end the season.

    • TwinsFan, I wouldn’t say angry, but more like… aggressive. That’s just my style. It’s not sour grapes, just a boiling point of reading so much for so long, and the timing of your recent sweep seemed like the appropriate timing to post before the moment, and thoughts were lost. I actually predicted 87 wins for my club this season, so I am not surprised that we are coming up short in the Division race. I actually respect “your 9”, only a fool wouldn’t. I just don’t like him much, but hate is too strong a word that I only use for dramatic effect. “Fizzled out”? You nailed that one.

  6. Sam Schloot

    Not sour grapes?… definitely not fine wine… but most definitely a fine whine…. Your team had the easiest interleague schedule in all of baseball, and that was the only reason you were in the race to begin with starting the second half… sometimes you must tip your cap to a superior team… but obviously… you are above (under) that… get on with it… put a team on the field next year.

    • “fine whine” Sam? Is that what they call a backhanded compliment? Nice job regardless. Now, about the easiest interleague schedule…Please. Regardless of who is on the schedule, you still have to show up and win the games. Watching baseball for my entire life has repeatedly taught me one simple truth: On any given day/night…each team is capable of beating another. We strung together 25 wins in 30 games, a remarkable event in MLB. Sadly, it wasn’t near enough, but it was fun to watch, and continues to prove that you have to watch each game because you never know what new thing will happen that previously was thought impossible…or at least very unlikely.

  7. Hey lifer, the Twins fans will probably respond after they stop celebrating the fact that their win today eliminated the Detroit Tigers from the division race. Considering that we have Leyland and co. in the dugout, that is not really much of an accomplishment, though!

  8. chisoxii


    baseballjones and lifer are one and the same. I suspect this venue lends itself to free expression; more so than others where folks misplace their big boy pants on a regular basis and work together to stifle free speech because their feelings are hurt.


    “Go Fuck Yourselves”…. I’ll be laughing about that for a few days. Nice write up, why don’t you stop wasting your finger muscles on message boards where people are just poking you with a stick in an effort to produce traffic by which the site owners benefit? I’d imagine you could generate more meaningful discussion (and traffic) in a venue that you control as opposed to one that struggles to find a coherent definition of the word pedophile. That’s just me though…

    • GameOver

      Chisoxii, thanks bro for the info, yeah, I kind of suspect that about Lifer. Hey, I have a lot of admiration and love for Konerko the other night, man, he is a classy guy. All good Twins fans hope he is ok, that pitch should never happened, I felt really bad when it happens. When you guys dont want him anymore, can we sign him? He is welcome on the Twins’ team anytime, anyday.

      • GameOver, on Konerko: In some colossal blunder and twist of fate that you guys ended up with Konerko, I might seriously consider becoming a closet Twins fan, the guy is the goods. If he isn’t invited back for fair market value, our organization is dumber than I thought. Don’t worry about PK though, it was enough for me that he stayed in the game, defiant of the ball to the face…but to later take Pavano downtown was the ultimate proof of his warrior nature. He stays, and retires in the Black and White. One of the true “good guys” that we talk about.

    • Guilty as charged, chisoxii. I keep telling those idiots not to feed the bear, but they don’t listen! On the Pedophile deal…just one thought continues to come to mind: “Eight year olds, Dude”.

  9. RedBaron7

    Good Post Lifer

    I feel exactly the same as you….our message board has been plagued for weeks with those Twinkie trolls. This apparent sincerity that some try to portray is an absolute farce…because they go back to their own message boards ripping into the Sox and their fan base. I too will be rooting for any other team except the Twinkies in the Play-Offs!
    I’ve never encountered a bigger bunch of pricks on the Internet…that takes some doing!

    • Whoa there, redbaron7…I thought you said that I was the biggest prick that you’ve ever encountered on the Internet?! I was once proud that you posted that, sorta like I had accomplished something, but now I come to find out that you throw that around so liberally…I now feel somehow diminished…LOL. Are you still planning your own message board assault to levy justice on the Twin fans?

  10. chisoxii

    Lifer, your Twin haters are twisted because you’re moderating…I’m quite sure I spotted crying on their playground about it…. my hankies are reserved for more important endeavors, or I’d lend a hand.

    Sadly, Viagra sellers make it necessary to moderate comments… and believe it or not, some folks probably have lives beyond this trolling that prohibits them from allowing any and all comments through regardless of coherence immediately.

    Deal with it douchebags.

  11. Sour grapes,sorelosers=whitesox fans.You whitesox fans are a joke 1 championship in the last 80 years,got to be proud about that?Always made excuses about losing to the twins blamed the dome.Now that we have close to an equal payroll we are kicking your ass.get use to it you are going to have to deal with it now that we are on a level playing field.youll never win the division again!

    • We’ll never be the Yankees so counting World Series Titles will never be a valid argument or a useful insult. The only World Series Title I care about is the one that happened in this decade. That put us back on the map as far as MLB relevance. You still aren’t even on the map. I’ll give you your props if and when you are, until then, enjoy your Division banners, there are useless and hollow if they don’t end with a big trophy. Sort of like getting a massage without the “happy ending”. It feels good for a while, but then no payoff, and you leave all shrunken, shriveled, and frustrated.

  12. Griffman

    Well Grab A Tissue Lifer! Sounds too me like your just angry and sad maybe you should see a shrink and get some MEDS! Anyway I do agree about those “real” fans I was kind of embarassed myself, hopefully now they will finally learn their lesson. As far as the SOX go they really suck this year,dont see them winning many more so keep that 2005 dvd handy and stay away from any sharp objects if you know what I mean! Now go have a good cry and change your diapers,grow up and be a man ok? Im expecting much better out of the SOX next year,way too easy beating such A bad team!

    • Griffman = Tipster, ‘nuf said.

      • Griffman

        Does that mean you will get help? You really need it,,,really!

      • Help is overrated, besides, we ALL need help…some of us (like you) more than others. Enjoy this view from up high as long as you can…and realize that if you don’t make it all the way to the top, that you’ll be flat on your back looking up from the ground with the rest of us waiting for the next chance (2011) to pick yourself up again. Only a few fond memories from a potentially wasted season will be the only things there to break your fall. And please clean up your spelling and grammar before you come back next time…this is an educated blog!

  13. ThisIsPriceless

    Let me taste your tears you whining little bitch. I love that as I read this John Danks was getting absolutely rocked by the Detroit Tigers B team. Wouldn’t take a single Twin huh? Hows Mark Teahen as your everday DH working out? And the bullpen? Fucking steller dude.

    • I don’t see how it is considered whining, but rather just a response to the the fans who have taken the word “smug” to new heights with their gloating, when absolutely nothing has been accomplished that is noteworthy since 1991. My overall point (since you missed it) is this: win something first, then I’ll admire your team. Until then, your biggest recent accomplishment has been getting the better of my team, which is certainly nothing to be too proud of. Like I said, it has been 5 years since we won it all, but that at least validates my choice in team to follow and support. I barely remember 1991, but 2005 is still a very fresh set of fond memories for me. If your team is so fucking good, then go the distance my friend…otherwise it will be you doing the whining about the Yankees or whoever ushers you out of the postseason (early exit AGAIN?) this year. Own your team’s failures BITCH, I have, and I see absolutely nothing wrong or disrespectful about proclaiming my loyalty. The Chicago White Sox have earned it, just as I am sure the Twins have earned yours for things accomplished 2 DECADES AGO. And again, just in case you were a little fuzzy on what I wrote…NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOURS. I am completely comfortable to admit that the Twins were the better team this season, it was obvious, but baseball’s pendulum has a funny way of swinging back to the other side. Enjoy your “dominance” while you can, because it won’t last. It never does, and payback will be a motherfucker.

      • “My overall point (since you missed it) is this: win something first, then I’ll admire your team…”

        Listen, The Twins have TWO World Series Championships in the past 25 years (arguably two of the most compelling World Series ever).

        The Sox have two in the past 88 years.

        Do the math, lifer.

      • Thanks for the history refresher Twins8791, I needed it?! Listen, since nobody was around talking smack on the Internet back when you guys last won a World Series, we basically have to set a statute of limitations on how far back actual recent relevant accomplishment should be recognized. I am partial to the 10-year old rule, but I’ll bend and accept 15, but not 20. So much has happened in the last 10 years, and the game has changed so much. This is why I don’t get all worked up with love over your 2 WSC’s. For me, back then I was different, and I looked at baseball through the eyes of a young punk who really didn’t understand or respect the game and all of its many nuances, traditions, unwritten rules, and codes. I played competetively up until then, but never followed it with a true fan’s passion like I do today. Adult viewing (and posting/commenting/understanding) is obviously much, much different than young man’s viewing (and posting/commenting/understanding), and for this simple fact, I form my opinions differently about 1987 & 1991. Of course they happened, it was history, and the major part of the Twins franchise proud history, but as I had said in my post, it has lapsed/or is very soon about to lapse from “recent” to “ancient history”. That of course is my own skewed perspective, but as owner of this post, and of my own strong opinions, it is my right…agree with it (or not), and like it (or not).

    • Mad, as in crazy, or mad, as in angry? There is a difference, and I’ve been accused of both actually! Great handle by the way. “Always have a bottle in the freezer” is great advice to live by.

      • OK, so obviously this is all from YOUR (and yes, that is the correct spelling here…) historical perspective and no one else’s.

        The greatest flaw in your argument is that winning the World Series is key to being a great team. You’re (again, correct) overlooking the fact that the game has been around 100+ years.

        Two WS Rings in the span of 4 years is pretty damned good.

        Two WS Rings in the span of 88 years? Notsomuch.

        Do the Twins have a drought currently? Absolutely.

        Did the White Sox before 2005? ABSOLUTELY HELLZ TO THE YEAH.

      • Of course this is all from my historical perspective, why wouldn’t it be? And flawed as my “argument” may be from your perspective, the fact remains that it was never intended to be an argument at all. It was declaration from my fan perspective, which is inherently biased beyond repair. I don’t need to prove, or disprove it, that is why at the end of the day, it is an opinion, or like most have identified it as, “a rant”. I don’t need to be right, I just need to feel good about where my loyalty is. I hope this helps to define my position. I expect that you would have the polar opposite view, and quite frankly, I’d be worried if you didn’t. But again, I don’t give a shit about ancient history that I was not a part of as a fan (not alive then) where I was not knowingly, and emotionally time-invested. Also, I am not overlooking the fact of how long the game has been around, I know it’s history, I just don’t give it as much credit as most people do. If we did, then we may as well all be fucking Yankees fans, because they have the most Championships, and will likely forever have twice as many as even the next closest franchise, and who is interested in doing that? Not me brother.

  14. Bichonman53

    Hey Lifer, I want to let you know that you’re not the problem on that site, so we’re good. You can be abrasive, but never with me. There are way to many idiots posting on that site now. We not only have the twins fans coming on, but our own fans come on saying the same things over and over and over. When you post on that site, what you say seems well thought out and makes sense. There is a guy on there that thinks he is an intellectual, but he doesn’t make one goddam bit of sense. We know who it is. Look, I know you don’t go on these sites to make friends, and I’m not trying to kiss your behind, but you’re alright. Talk to you in the offseason.

    • Very cool of you to say so, Bichonman, and appreciated. This meltdown allowed me to put the burden down early actually, and I have embraced the idea of next season easier than I have in recent years. I sure don’t enjoy the losing, but in a small way, it did us all a favor knowing in our hearts what the eventual outcome (no Division Title) would be several weeks ago. I’m going to enjoy the off-season, and will (with good reasons) be looking forward to re-tooling, tweaking, or whatever this new Hot Stove will bring us. See you then.

  15. White Sox Are Gay

    Geesh… someone has some anger management issues. What, did Delmon Young stick a baseball bat up your ass or something? Wait, you’re a white sox, you probably would have enjoyed that. So here’s a big FUCK YOU from the champions of the AL CENTRAL, and soon to be world series champions. I hope that Twins celebration gives you a boner you fucking wacko.

    • Ahhhh, yes. Nothing quite like the aroma of an intellectual comment from the cream of the Twins fanbase! Yessir, please remember the picture adjacent to my signature for future reference, and if the baseball gods see fit to smile on another team (chances are good they will) this postseason other than your Champion Twins, you and I can again commit ourselves to exchange pleasantries then? “Woooo-Hooooo, you got a date, baby. I was gonna fuck you in the ass on Saturday, but I’ll fuck you in the ass on Wednesday instead!”–Jesus


    What a joke – the fact that you wrote this column tells me 2 things.

    1) Your pathetic
    2) You wish you were a twins fan.
    3 (Bonus) – Lose some weight fatty.

    Go Twins – suck it White Sox and your borderline IQ fans.

    • Hey, have you been peeking in my window while I’ve been getting dressed? You fucking pervert! How could you possibly know that I need to lose weight? Can your computer see me? **Sidebar**One of my only favorite things about the Dan Patrick Radio Show was when the callers would call in and give their height & weight, and then there would be that (ding) sound effect…Well, here goes mine….”Hey Dan, thanks for taking my call, 6’4″, 235….**now, I could certainly stand to lose 10 from the middle. The beer just seems to go there after 30, but “fatty”? Wifesaysno. As far as numbers 1 & 2…Well, I guess the fact that you felt you needed to respond as a Twins fan, means you were offended, so BULLSEYE, and “Mission Accomplished” (pissing you off enough to respond), and 2, if I wished for it, I could easily do it, just by jumping on the bandwagon to say one day “today, I choose to be a Twins fan, because it is so cool, and such a popular thing to be, today”….BUT, I didn’t do that, did I? No, I did the exact opposite, which was to completely distance myself from any hint of admiring or aspiring to be a Twins fan. Or did you completely miss that part? Swing and a miss, son. Grab some bench!


        Its going to be a rough post season for you, then a rough regular season next year, then postseason, the regular season then….well you see the trend. Good luck keeping Konerko this season – maybe Teahen will be enough for next year. I feel bad that Konerko got hit in the face, that could have potentially damaged our investment for next year. But it did prove a point, he got smashed in the face as did the whole white sox organization.

        Great pickup with Man Ram as well – lil too late me thinks. Post steroid era manny lost his pop. I find it comical that the updates I see about the white sox on any sports program/website are updates on Manny’s hair style. This makes me feel good about myself as a twins fan. The only thing I really care about is beating the white sox (although this is #2 on the list, as beating the packers is #1) and winning the division. Decorating our new stadium in the first year was a plus. Now I get the added bonus of drinking that beer you spoke of and watching the home team in post season, win or loss, I will be watching the home team play October ball.

        Yes your post did get to me, I saw an ailing fish flopping around on land and I decided to kick a little dirt on it rather than put it back in the water. Its fun talking smack to a sox fan just after they were publically embarassed during the last month of the season, especially when you bring it on yourself. Your asking to be humiliated, and I am loving it as well as these other posts I see from my fellow brethren.

      • Wake me up when I am actually humiliated, will ya “brethren”? I will enjoy the postseason much more than you will, and you’ll remember that when the time is upon you (wink). I remember in 2005 that I could barely eat much less try to drink a beer because I was on pins & needles the whole time. I paced the room, and even though we DOMINATED, I was not at rest until that final out was recorded in the Game 4 SWEEP! How did you feel during the last Twin World Series? Oh, wait, you likely weren’t even born yet. How could I forget, it was just the other day wasn’t it? I wonder in baseball, or any other pro sport that receives daily (24/7) coverage & publicity, is there any other way to be embarrassed than “publically”???? If you were trying to be profound (or insulting), well you whiffed again. Trust me, you’ll be hurting much more than I will be one day soon in October, and there’s no “decorations” in your new stadium and on your home page that will be able to take away the National Humiliation that accompanies coming up short again, when it counts the most.

      • Nice Rant

        I’m new to your site – one of my friends posted this on facebook. Is all of your stuff this inspired? If so, I’ll have to come back.

        I’d like to apologize for LOLWHITESOXTTYL, White Sox Are Gay (seriously? it’s 2010 and you’re still using that slur?), and ThisIsPriceless. They didn’t really bring much to the table with their responses.

        Anyway, solid, solid rant. That was impressively passionate. I do have some issues with a few of your points, though.

        “New stadium? Congratulations, and it’s about time.”

        It is about time. It should help to give the Twins the necessary payroll to get over the hump and (finally) compete in a Postseason series against the AL East – whether it’s this year or next. Have you been there, by the way? It’s a phenomenal stadium and the Central is better division because of it.

        “Home-grown talent? Who cares. The goal is winning Championships, by whatever means.”

        You’re absolutely correct. However, scouting, drafting and developing players can be a cheap and effective way to put a major league baseball team together. Now that the Twins have the ability to spend 100+ million per year on their roster, you can guarantee they will do things (like, sign Jim Thome) to fill in the gaps and give them the best chance to win a Championship. It should be noted that, instead of rushing to sign Cliff Lee, they bolstered their pitching staff with homegrown talent and posted the best 2nd half ERA in the American League. What’s not to like about that?

        For the record, CONGRATULATIONS that your favorite team won the World Series in 2005. Now, please stop using the fact that the Twins haven’t won since 1991 to belittle an organization that repeatedly overachieves (thanks, in no small part, to Ron Gardenhire and Rick Anderson) and has won the Central 6 of the past 9 years. Again, how could you not, at least, respect that?

        I’m not going to comment on your run-ins with the crazies on the message boards. I don’t share 99% of their opinions nor do I claim that the Twins or their fans deserve one thing because of how nice and sportsmanly everybody in Minnesota is. Fuck sportsmanship. I hope the White Sox lose every single game next year.

        Finally, you wouldn’t take one single Twin for one single White Sock (is that how the proper singular of Sox?) Are you crazy? Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are both better than anybody wearing a White Sox uniform right now. And are you saying you wouldn’t want Jim Thome back? How’d the merry-go-round DH spot work for you, this year? And have fun with Manny’s contract. I don’t fundamentally disagree with trading for him but, man, what a disappointment he has been the past few weeks.

        See you in 2011. I already can’t wait.

      • Equally solid rebuttal. I will get back to this (one of the few worthy of a thoughtful response, that I would like to devote the proper attention to) as soon as I am able. For now, I must take care of real life, but thanks for chiming in, as your words and a few others are what I was hoping for (meaningful exchange) when I posted this in the first place. The passion is real, I assure you. If you were ever at, you would have noticed my “quart of blood” that I left on that forum, daily.

      • Okay, back to your post for a bit (while stealing time from the man)…I am sure it is a wonderful new Cathedral, but no, I have no yet had the privilidge. Since you’ve been so resonable with your response, I won’t use my standard answer to the Target Field topic that I will save for your less-intelligent brethren, which would be: “I wouldn’t waste a good piss in your urinals, no matter how clean and sweet-smelling they might be”…and you are absolutely correct, in that it will certainly be a huge revenue-generating machine that will benefit your payroll, and perhaps (by extension) your on-field product.
        But, take note of the collossal failures that have been witnessed in MLB history by teams with some of the highest payrolls, or who have paid outrageous prices in the FA market for damaged goods, or sudden flops. That’s a “buyer beware” footnote for your future boon in discretionary spending funds. Now, on to your “home-grown” talent point in relation to the success of your pitching…1) You can’t make the false assumption that Cliff Lee could have been acquired from Seattle, but if he could have, then why didn’t you get him? Is this “balls of a bankrobber in broad daylight” or perhaps is it a spin to cover the fact that you were never seriously a suitor for Lee for fear that he’d never want to sign a long-term deal to play in your City(ies)? Water under the bridge regardless on that point, but 2) oh, you mean, signing Matt Capps, and Brian Fuentes was (not one, but) two declarations of faith in your young arms?
        I do love your point about forgetting the sportsmanship…that’s real truth right there, and funny to boot. And, I did say that I respected the team, and I quote: (myself) “I respect your tradition of winning baseball. Anyone with 2 eyes can see that it is a quality, and competetive product that is on the field season after season, I just don’t care for it, and do not wish any part of it for my chosen team. Yours is not anything special to emulate, copy, or blueprint in any form or fashion.” And yes, I may be part-crazy for not wishing for Joe Mauer, but why wish for something you know you can’t have? I’d rather spend my time rooting for that which I do have, because believe me, when you get the chance to witness “greatness” (which was 2005, BTW) from a group of nobodys that weren’t expected to do jack shit? You learn that the best horse “on paper” may be the favorite in the clubhouse, but he doesn’t always win the race on the track. My club had more talent this season than it did in 2005, and more than it did in 2008…but who knew that your Twins would absolutely play out of their minds? It had to surprise even the most positive of you, and if it didn’t, it should have.
        Thanks again for sharing, and don’t be a stranger, you can safely bet that I may have more to offer on your topic…

  17. 6titles9years

    You should have seriously considered just leaving this open letter in your diary. You wrote this because you were tired of listening to smug Twins fans? With writing this you just opened the floodgates, dumbass! You are so hypocritical of so many things that you literally have no credibility of what you type. If the management of your beloved Sox thought along the same wavelength that you do, they would never win anything. You really wouldn’t want Mauer? Morneau? Liriano? The best stadium experience in major sports? Six division titles in the last nine years? The Twins will win the WS in due time.. and yours might again too… as long as they don’t have the same attitude that you do.

    Suck it up. Be a man.

    Go Twinkies.

    • What exactly am I needing to suck up? I know we will win the WS again, but the difference is that I don’t care how many Division Titles that we win before we win the next one. You Twin fans place SOOOOO much value in these precious Division Titles (6 in 9 years, woo hoo!) because it is all you have to hang on your wall, and hang your hat on? That’s the crux of my post, jerky. To say it will happen “in due time” is a built in excuse for another postseason failure, hello! You’re already softening your fall, because you’ve still got scars & bruises from so many other falls. When we went to the big dance, we took care of our business, and in impressive fashion. Shit, I have more respect for the Tigers, at least they MADE it there. Sure they fel flat, but they advanced 2 rounds more than you guys have in the last 20 years. Do that (get there, then actually win it), and we’ll have THAT to talk about. Until then, it’s all false smuggery from a bunch of “clean as a whistle” Opie Cunningham motherfucking Twin fans who think that their shit don’t stink. Here’s a clue in case you didn’t know yet…it stinks as bad as the rest of ours, you just overuse the spray to cover it up.

  18. someonebetterthanbaseballjones

    You are truly a pathetic piece of shit.

    Oh, your handle is shit as well.

  19. someonebetterthanbaseballjones

    Comment awaiting moderation? Yeah, let me just reinforce the fact that you’re a pathetic piece of shit.

    • Hey, sorry. I do have a life outside of this blog, but everyone eventually does get through when I get around to it. Too bad that you didn’t have something more original, and thought-provoking. You know, “Life does not start and stop at your convenience, you miserable piece of shit.”–Wise words to anyone attempting to run a blog and allow all comments, whether they be good, or extremely weak…

  20. Erik

    Personally, I am just impressed a White Sox fan knew how to start a blog.

    Color me impressed.

    • Dude, that did make me laugh, well done. And for that I offer the truth…My wife set it up for me, since she was so fucking tired of me riding herd over the hoard of idiots on the website. This way, I can diversify, and talk with all of you fine people!

  21. USAFChief

    You know what will be really funny? Next year, in the first Twins – Pale Hoes series, Carlos Quentin will stick his elbow out and get “hit by a pitch.” The few literate CWS fans with internet will have another meltdown about how the Twins bitchslap the Sox and don’t respect them, yet the Sox never retaliate. While this frenzy of self-pity is occuring, the Twins will shell another pitiful CWS bullpen, walk away with yet another victory, and Twins fans everywhere will yawn. You see–and this is the part that must really really hurt–we don’t give a shit about the Chicago fucking White Sox. You’re just another small speedbump on the road to yet another successful season, a minor annoyance to be rather easily put aside.

    That must hurt, I admit. You have this terrible, overwhelming loathing of the Twins, because they’re always better than you. We Twins fans? Chicago? Yawn.

    • I completely agree about the CQ false HBP’s, by the way. And, I had absolutely no beef with the series this season until Delmon pulled his bullshit, and didn’t even have the common courtesy to stop and fight like a real man. You make the mistake of over-stating your dominance though. It is much closer than you describe between these two teams, and if you knew much about baseball, and cared to put aside your giddiness over meaningless Division Titles, you would see that. This whole thing could turn around on you as soon as next season, and if it does…all that you wrote in your post will be the only scraps of paper that you’ll grasp for as you try to clean up the ass-fucking that you have just received, while wondering…why did I ever open my big mouth? I should have left well-enough alone. If we are as insignificant as you describe, why would you bother to comment I wonder? And, last thought, I promise….”always better than you”? Boy, you have a short memory, don’t you? Did you become a Twins fan in 2006, and sleep through the end of 2008? If you did, you missed some good ball.

      • Sox Suck

        Twins have won season series 7 out of the past 9 years. one of those years, we tied the season series. In 2008 there was only game 163 because twin’s swept Sox in september. Homefield that year was decided by a coin flip, no way Sox come to MN and win a big game late.

        Twins have 2 world series in my lifetime. Sox 1. I would trade recent string of division titles for Sox world series. But sox in past 80 years, have 1 world series. Please get off your soap box about how much greater you are.

      • Pink Panther 2K, Thanks for telling me things that I already know. To you these things you discuss are a necessary justification for the fact that you do not have a World Series Title since ’91. And guess what? You cannot trade anything for our World Series Title because it is not yours to trade, it’s ours. That hurts, I know. Continue to soak in the luke warm bath water of the Division Titles that always turns ice cold in the ALDS. When you can stay in the tub for longer than that, you’ll then have something more to brag on, but still…you are always getting out earlier than you’d like. Add another meaningful Championship (that’s a World Series, by the way) with a number “2” in the front of it, and then I will consider your impressive record of dominance. Until then, you guys can’t finish (but you already know that), I shouldn’t have to remind you.

      • Sox Suck

        Again, Twins have twice as many championships as the White Sox over past 30 years. Oh no, drought since 91. Prior to 05 last time White Sox they were called the Black Sox. It was second longest drought in the AL.

        1991 World Series is largely considered one of the greatest World Series of All time. The 05 series is already forgotten.

      • “1991 World Series is largely considered one of the greatest World Series of All time. The 05 series is already forgotten.” You mean largely considered in Minnesota? Too bad you had to make it so damned entertaining to finally win it in a Game 7 (at home). So, let me guess, they were just trying to stretch it out for the fan’s benefit by making it so exciting? 2005 is already forgotten, because it was so one-sided I guess. That’s why they call it “a sweep”, as in, the other team couldn’t even win a single game. 11-1 in the postseason, yes, it was very boring…for you, since you had to watch it and wonder to yourself: “Now, why can’t WE do this?” Face it son, until you do what we did, and in the same impressive fashion (99 wins, wire-to-wire en route to a dominating postseason blitzkrieg)…you’ll just be begging.

      • Sox Suck

        no, not by twins fans. When Writers rank the world series, the 91 is always mentioned is one of the 5 greatest all time series. Only white sux fans remember 05. Congrad’s your team did something 5 years ago. Nothing since and nothing in 80 some years prior.

    • Sox Suck

      I’m not sure if it’s moderation or what, but I posted link of ESPN writers ranking world Series, guess what was number 1, 1991. If it goes through later, I apologize for double post.

      Like I said, the 05 is forgotten as series wasn’t that fun to watch and no one cares about white six. Do you watch any games? Do you notice all the empty seats?

      Anyways, I’m out. Maybe I’ll visit your blog again, doubtful.

      But let the hate go. You’ll sleep better at night.

      • It got stuck in spam because of the link. At this point, all of your stuff might be considered spam if you don’t let it go. I watched all of the games (are you even serious with that question?) and the empty seats you must be referring to were in the “Roller Dome” because there was no “joy in your Mudville” in 2005, that’s for sure. To think I give a rat’s ass what some bunch of ESPN reporters think about baseball, who the fuck cares what they think? Hence the blog, we talk in truths here, we’re not selling anything. Long live the Internet!

      • Sox Suck

        No, I mean White Sox home games, are not sell outs. This year’s attendance was abysmal.

      • Why do you care? I am one of the most loyal fans of the team (as loyal as you can be from so far away that is) and I care little for the attendance figures. If you think a full-house guarantees you that there will be plenty of money to buy players, or that the product/play on the field will be better, you’re fooling yourself. The Cubs pack the place every year, and look how far they’ve gotten. Just be glad you have a nice stadium to attend games, and that when you want to travel to see your team, there will be tickets available. Let the bean-counters, and the Marketing folks worry about the revenue, and attendance figures, that’s their concern.

  22. chisoxii

    Hey, TTYL, if YOU’RE going to talk shit, do it right fuckwit.

    “1) Your pathetic”

    I love a smack down as much as anyone, even when I’m wrong, and I’m not being pedantic about your shitty grammar either so don’t start the violins. You just lose effect when you spell like a 6th grader.


      I agree – I do not have time to spell check while I get my shots in on you white sox chumps. I am escaping work for a few brief moments to read up on this surprisingly heart felt blog. I admire your passion for the sox bbj, its unfortunate that such passion be wasted on such a poor squad.

      • Spell check wouldn’t have saved you there (your)…because it’s a real word, you just used it wrong. For that you need “grammar check” which to my knowledge they have not yet developed? I could be wrong though. Agree we were a poor squad THIS season, but NEXT season? You never know. I suggest you Twins “make hay while the sun shines”…before darkness comes.

      • USAFChief

        “…because you just used it wrong.”

        In a post about grammar.

        Yup. Stay classy, Chicago.

  23. Sox Suck

    Did you know the white sox only have a winning record vs 3 AL teams this season (Boston, KC, and Seattle)? If it weren’t for a very soft interleague schedule, your team would’ve been out of the race in June.

    • Again Pinky, these are all things that I know, but thanks for the refresher. The fact is, regardless of the Interleague schedule, we dominated the ones on the schedule. I certainly was impressed (as were most people who know anything about baseball, are you one of them? Jury still out on that…) but, this is not a competition about whose Interleague record was better (even though ours was by far) it is simply my feelings about MY TEAM, versus YOUR TEAM. You are wasting your time by pointing out the obvious, and you have badly missed the point I made, which is: I am just fine where I am at, and am staying. To each of you, your own…and don’t bother to tell me that you are better until you have proven it by actually completing the task at hand. Your stats, and records, and all the rest are completely hollow victories that justify your fandom, nothing else.

      • Sox Suck

        Yes, dominating the Pirates and Cubs is very tough to do. Break out the banners.

        When it counts, the white sox shit the bed this season and just aren’t a very good team this year.

      • Listen, I won’t pretend that the White Sox didn’t “shit the bed” this season (which they clearly did), or that the Twins weren’t the better team this season (which they clearly were), as long as you don’t harp on silly things that I am not claiming are significant. But, at least own the facts in a subject that YOU bring up: Interleague play ’10: CWS: 15-3, MIN: 8-10. That’s a bit more than dominating the Pirates and Cubs, agree?

      • MNGuy

        “and don’t bother to tell me that you are better until you have proven it by actually completing the task at hand. Your stats, and records, and all the rest are completely hollow victories that justify your fandom, nothing else.”

        This cuts both ways, right? I mean, I can say I’m happy where I’m at, and don’t try and tell me the White Sox are better? And I think your front office sucks, and Ozzie’s an asshole, and the entire Sox fanbase are a bunch of dicks? I mean, I can say that, right?

      • Not only CAN you say that MNGuy, you just did…and I (to my credit) let it through. The difference is, this is my blog, and if you want to write that stuff and have the same impact that I had with my post (which never said that the White Sox were better, BTW, just that I prefer them) you’ll have to get your own damned blog! Let me know when it’s up, I’ll come visit.

      • Sox Suck

        Twins also had a harder interleague schedule. Sox had three last place teams, Nationals, Pirates, and Cubs. And 2 of the 3 AL teams you have a good record against are AWFUL.

  24. Sox Suck

    And for the record, Kenny Williams and Ozzie built the 2005 White Sox trying to emulate the Twins, they said so themselves.

    • Get “the record” straight at least. Kenny Williams built the 2005 White Sox, that’s his job as GM. Ozzie Guillen managed the team assembled, and directed them to play similar to the Twins style…and it gave birth to the term: “Ozzie Ball”. Doesn’t that suck even worse for you that “our idiots” took your concept, and made it work, yet “you geniuses” can’t seem to make it out of the first round with your BRILLIANCE? Yes, I would think that that would hurt even more to know this.

      • Sox Suck

        It doesn’t hurt.

        Nor am I jealous of the Sox. Congrat’s on your teams success. But I think it’s bullshit to diminish Twins 2 world series.

        Their playoff record isn’t good past decade. And many of the years, they just didn’t have the horses. Since Gardie has been here, not once have the Twins had a bigger payroll, and Sox have only won 1 season series, 2005.

        You say you’re not bitter, but your posts just ooze bitterness. Say what you will, but you’re bitter.

  25. GreatChicagoFlameOut

    2010 will be remembered as the Great Chicago Flame out. What a piss poor ending to a season. It rivals that of the Mets from recent years. You guys suck and Ozzie is a good a gone.

    On the flame out note….I wish that the Great Chicago Fire would have never been put out. It is too bad that the whole damn town did not get removed from the face of the earth back in 1871. You hate the Twins. I hate your whole f’in lifestyle. Got to hell F.I.B. (Fuckin’ Illinois Bastard)

    • Nice take, but if our season (more like a Roller Coaster) was a “Flame out”….then what would you describe Detroit’s ’09 finish as? If we were on top until late, then gave it up? Maybe a “Flame out”, but when we faded, there was still much baseball left to play, and we gave our best shot early with a 9-game win streak, and gained basically nothing on your squad who was equally as hot. I’d say we were “still in it” during that final series against the Twins, but only in the technical sense of the word. By the way dude, I don’t live in Chicago, or Illinois for that matter, haven’t since ’97…so that nonsense about the F.I.B.??? Wasted on me. I got out, and consider myself one of the lucky (smart) ones to have done so. But, born a fan, always a fan, that’s how I was raised and the concept stuck. Hence, my passion, despite being 1200 miles removed from scene of “the fire”.

  26. Face it your Bitter

    I realize you’re trying to have a cathartic moment by venting your anger towards the Twins. But sometimes you just have to let it go.

    White Sox have been the Twins Bitch the past two years. Next year is a new year.

    • Come on Twin fans, help out your “brethren”…It’s you’re Bitter, not your. Clean it up, we’re pretending to be an educated blog here! And, no I’m not bitter, just felt like I had to vent. That’s why it was a “rant” and not intended to be a debate. “I’m not going to debate you Jerry, this is not a debate”–from “Fargo”…and I’ll let it go when I am good and ready, thank you very much. Every team has a bitch I guess, I hear (and see) that you belong to the Yankees…

  27. WhiteSoxAreGay

    Be honest… Do you beat off at night with a picture of Jim Thome staring at you from your ceiling?

    Seriously though, I talked to people down in Chicago about what a laugh us Twins fans got out of your rant, and they all think you’re fucking nuts down there. And thats from some of the biggest sox fans that I know. Anyone that has that much time on their hands to write an open letter of that length to Twins fans that will just laugh at him, has got have something wrong with him.

    If you’re going to blog about baseball and want to be taken seriously, you’re definitely going about it the wrong way. All you’ve done is just given yourself less credibility.

    My advice… pull the baseball bat out of your ass that Delmon Stuck up there. Stop beating off at night to pictures of Jim Thome (I don’t think your BF appreciates that), that’s a little creepy to begin with, and just accept that the Twins are a better organization, have better overall talent, and are going to win the World Series this year.

    • Oh, you’re giving ME advice about credibility? Thanks, but no thanks. You’re classless, and just the type of Twins fan that I want to make sure I distance myself from, as should other Twins fans. You embarrass yourself, and if you can’t see that, I feel very badly for you. Now, here’s some advice for you that you should seriously consider: don’t reproduce. There’s already way too many of your kind on this earth, we don’t need any more. Be gone.

      • WhiteSoxAreGay

        I’m sorry, did I hurt yours and your bf’s feelings?

        You’re exactly the type of fan that gives the White Sox a bad name. You have plenty of bad stuff to say about the twins and our fans, fuck this and fuck that, but when someone throws it back at you, you just can’t take it.

        I’m starting to worry about you now. There’s a suicide hotline out there if you’re really having trouble accepting the fact that your team sucks, and that the Twins really are a model organization.

        I’d give you the same advice that you gave me about not reproducing, but I don’t think that’s a problem that you and your bf have to worry about.

        As per the Delmon running into AJ rant that you went on, seriously bro, that’s baseball. If you can’t accept that, fucking find another sport to watch that hopefully you can understand.

        Same goes for Carl Pavano buzzing Konerko with a fastball up high. Unfortunate yes, intentional no, and it was taken care of the next inning professionally by Buehrle and Cuddyer. Any REAL baseball fan, that ACTUALLY understands the game, realized that.

        I could debate with you back and forth about the baseball side of things, but that would be like trying to teach a pre-schooler(you) astronomy. You’re just not going to get it. In that sense, I feel sorry for you, because baseball is such a fun sport to watch and love, especially when you really understand it.

        One of the first things that my friends from Chicago said about your website is that although you can tell your passionate about the sox, you don’t understand baseball, which gives your baseball posts absolutely no credibility.

        Maybe it would make you feel better if you took down that Jim Thome poster that you beat off to every night, and maybe put one up of Ozzie and Clay Aiken holding hands. You certainly seem to have a problem accepting that Jim Thome is gone… gone on to bigger and better things.

        When the Twins win the world series this year, I’m going to laugh to myself about how that dumbass baseball jones, down in Chicago, is probably crying right now, still has Delmon’s bat stuck up his ass, and realizing that the best fans in baseball are right here in the Twin Cities.

        So give your bf a hug, tell him you’re sorry that you don’t understand baseball, maybe give him a bottle of lube to help you with the bat, and that you’re someone that is just a little too jealous of what we Minnesotan’s have going on up here.



      • Does, “Holla” mean that you think you actually said something worth anything? You must be talking about some real intelligent Sox fans down there in Chicago. You seem obsessed with 2 things, men masturbating, and homosexual thoughts. What’s with that? Anyone who knows who I am would know that I was in favor of Jim Thome leaving Chicago, and don’t regret it one bit. It would make more sense if I kept referencing Twin fans (like you maybe) pleasuring themselves at the sight of Big Jim, but for some reason you keep doing it…again I ask, what’s with that? You’ve got many rivers to cross until you win any World Series, and if I were you, I’d be worried about looking like a great, big, giant jackoff when it doesn’t happen, and not what I’ll be doing or thinking. Something tells me though, that that shoe already fits you perfectly, and if you aren’t hiding from the world licking your wounds after another failure in the postseason, I might just look you up to stuff my size 13 right up your backside. I can hold my own just fine with baseball son, but so far from what I’ve read, I doubt you could teach me anything other than how to make a complete ass out of myself. And by responding at all to you, we can see that I’ve already mastered that trick, so I am wondering what else you might have to offer? Continue to believe that you do yourself any favors by thinking you have anything all sewn up. We’ll see soon enough who was the fool, the real question is, will you (or any of the other over-confident idiots) be man enough to take his medicine when you wake up in October, and the bed you’re laying in stinks like shit….again?

      • USAFChief

        “Does, “Holla” mean that you think you actually said something worth anything?”

        Since you seem pretty intent on correcting grammar in this blog, I just though you should know your use of a comma between ”does” and “holla” is incorrect.

        You’re welcome.

      • Thanks for cleaning up, Chief. Now, clean your own mess up…(s/b “I just though(t)?)…
        Good lookin’ out.

  28. Sox Suck

    What team Prior to 2005 where you a fan of? You use that as a success. Since last time Sox won a world series was 1917. They did throw one in 1919.

    Are you saying career’s of Carlton Fisk and other white sox great’s are for naught because they didn’t win it all?

    I grew up a Twins fan, I saw them win two world series. I’m not going to abandon them because their last came in 1991, as you apparently would’ve. And since 2010 is start of a new decade, if the Sox don’t win another soon, will you move on?

    That’s great you don’t care about writers. No non white sox fan cares about the 2005 sox, it’s over and done with.

    • Sox Suck

      damnit, another grammatical error.

      • And really, if a fan cannot use a World Series Title “as a success”, then it really makes your argument for using 6 Division Titles in 9 years as valid at all look really dumb, doesn’t it? Not sure what relevance Carlton Fisk’s career has to do with anything. Any MLB baseball player that had a great (or HOF) career speaks for itself. It happened, and you can’t take it away. But the fact that they didn’t ever experience a World Series Title is what it is, which is unfortunate (for them).

    • “No non white sox fan cares about the 2005 sox, it’s over and done with.” True, but by that same rationale, all Twin fans go on and on about their past Division Titles, are they not also “over and done with”??? I’ve been a fan of the White Sox my entire life. 2005 was a special treat, and validated my time spent following some really bad teams. I don’t plan on latching on to another team, hence my rant. Get it yet? And for the last time, bringing up the past (1917, 1919) is pointless. None of us were around, so why would I be proud, or ashamed of a history that I had no part of, and nothing invested in? The 88 year drought ended in 2005. Then, it started over, and now stands at 5 years. I can live with that, I have no choice really. Just as you have no choice but to live with 18 years, and counting.

  29. WhiteSoxAreGay

    Here’s where your credibility goes in the tank. You actually took the time to acknowledge what I’ve been saying to you. 99% of which is just bs because I can tell its pissing you off. The homo stuff is just funny because you can tell its really bothering you.

    If this was a real baseball blog with credible baseball thoughts, there’s no way that you’d go on a rant like you did. Its ok if you don’t understand baseball, just don’t write about it pretending like you do understand it.

    Where you really lost me, as I mentioned in the post above, was the stuff about Delmon Young and Carl Pavano. That stuff ended pretty much right after it happened. You had some White Sox players saying they were fine with what Delmon did. But no, pissed off, uneducated mock-fans like yourself, who don’t understand the game, remain pissed off about it.

    I just laughed when I saw your quote about how you can hold your own when it comes too baseball. Its pretty obvious you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

    Was alot of the stuff I said pretty stupid and inappropriate, probably, but it was all meant to just get you worked up, since every one can tell you have a hard time with your emotions.

    You go on this rant about not accepting Twins players on your team, when low and behold your starting catcher, who you’re furious about because Delmon gave him a little shove, just happened to be a former Twin.

    Unless the goal of this website is humor over your idiotic baseball statements, I suggest you find a new hobby.

    • So, since this in not a real baseball blog with credible thoughts, I can expect that you won’t be returning to it then? Don’t let the door knob hit you on the way out, and I’ll let you keep thinking you’re the smartest guy in your little phone booth world, it’s obvious that it’s very important to you.

  30. Well, let’s just get this out of the way. I am a Twins fan and I just want you to know, this is one of the greatest posts ever!!! Do I hate the Sox? Sure I do! Should you hate the Twins? Damn right! Every fan-base has a bunch of smug bastards and I’m reading a lot of the Twins fans being just that in your comments. I mean, if we want to respond, we could go rip on 1 title since 1917, past funny uniforms, hawk, etc…. we got shit on you guys, like you have shit on us. This post is great and any gesture a Twins fan makes other than admitting that is bullshit. We get the central crown in 2010. You guys get to be pissed. We were certainly pissed as well as jealous in 2005. It burns my ass that the Twins won 5 championships between 2002-2009 with nothing to show. The Sox won two. One while beating us and one that got a World Series.

    So…. root against us in the playoffs like I root against you. Hell, I’d even drink beers with ya while you rooted against us. Keep it up dude! This Twins fan will be reading.

    • Appreciate your post, Shawn. You have captured the gist of my rant. “Hating”, without actual “hate”. I guarantee that I wouldn’t have been moved to rant had I not experienced so much trolling from the weasle Twin fans whose sole purpose seemed to be rubbing it in our faces. To the victor go the spoils, and you guys whipped our lilly white asses bright red this season, and have done so in painful recent memory, period full-stop. I don’t deny it, but every proud fan worth his salt has a point in the sand that he must not allow another to cross, and it was crossed this year. It has been an absolute outpouring of emotion from Twins fans of all kinds in response, and although that was not the intention, I have really come to appreciate the responses that were reasonable, like yours. See you around. Respect.

  31. Joe

    Twins fan here. Was linked here through a blogger on Twitter.

    Great article. Unapologetic. Honest. Passionate.

    I guess my ‘appearance of innocence, and decency’ puts me in ‘the biggest crock in all of fandom’ category, but I don’t care.

    This blog is now bookmarked.

  32. TheMix

    “A more self-important group I have yet to encounter on the Internet.”

    Might wanna take a look in the mirror there guy.

    Two things: 1. If Gardy and the front office aren’t doing a good job I don’t know what your standard of “good job” is. 6 Division titles in 9 years….ya, that’s terrible. Bringing in Thome when your front office decided it’d be a great idea to let him go and bring in Mark Teahan….an obvious error in judgment. I’m all for anger if it’s well-reasoned anger, but this is just kind of, well, stupid. No, we haven’t won a WS since ’91, but the idea that Gardy or the Front office aren’t really all that good because they haven’t won a title is absurd. I hate the White Sox, but that’s not going to stop me from respecting your coach. Maybe you should be listening to him….he’s won a World Series and he seems to think Gardy’s been doing a great job.

    2. The pitch from Pavano that hit Konerko was unintentional. If you think a guy like Pavano would intentionally hit Konerko (let alone in the face) in what was still a fairly high-leverage game….one we really wanted….then you’ve gone off your rocker.

  33. Bichonman53

    Holy crap Lifer, your blog has gone worldwide ! I signed on to check e-mail and had something like 50 e-mails related to this blog. You are standing up well to the onslought, kind of like Sampson beating back the Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. You have definately struck a cord. To the twins fans; show what your team can do. In 2005, the Sox went 11-1. Can your team go 11-0? That would impressive. Let’s see what they can do. But up until now, all they have done is won the AL Central. Now, put up or shut up.

    • Bichon, I laugh each time I come to check this blog. It’s all over twitter, and facebook, and I have neither. Behold the power of the Internet. I shudder to think of what may have happened had I actually put some effort and advanced thought before “launching” this. There was no effort or forethought, I just vented, and did what I am told is described as “walking into a neighbor’s yard and taking a shit on their deck, and left a calling card in case they missed it in person”. Too funny. Back to the subject though, true that we may only have 2005 as our single relevant weapon to use against the vast Roman Legions that are the Twins fans (who are an impressive bunch, and for the most part some of the more intelligent baseball folks I have come across in my limited exposure to these forums), but that weapon is a sharp, and deadly one to be sure. And until someone matches that accomplishment, or beats it (like you said, 11-0)…thus brandishing a weapon equaly as impressive, I will continue to draw it like a gun and defend our franchise from all comers, and there will be a pile of dead bodies in my wake. “Put up or shut up”. Damn Skippy!

    • Just re-reading some comments, Bichon, and I am shocked that nobody jumped all over that “cookie” that you had served up with your “jawbone of an ass” mention. I immediately thought I’d be flooded with Ozzie Guillen comparisons, I guess that would only happen on our site though. It WAS a hanger! Sometimes they do drop safely into the catcher’s mitt!

  34. Twins fan here, and I can’t blame you for writing this. We shouldn’t be shocked that a White Sox fan would hate our team, and we shouldn’t take it personally. You didn’t really even attack the team, you just ripped on their image, which has been built up by Chicago and national sportswriters. Even Minnesotans get sick of the national pundits spreading cliches like, “the Twins do the little things and play the game the right way.”

    You should hate the Twins because you’re a White Sox fan. You need don’t need to justify it any further.

    • Great observation, haasertime, you obviously get it. The reason that this is not “sour grapes” is because I was equally irritated by our own fans and media “fawning over” the Twins, and like I had said, every fan has his boiling point. I just had to release the steam. The Twins have earned each accomplishment they have achieved, and for that, they have earned my respect. But when respect gets overblown, it turns into jealousy, and envy…I don’t have that, and wanted to be clear on that point. We may not do things the best way, or even the correct way most times, but what we do, I support…perhaps to a fault, but that is just how I am wired.

  35. Jeremy

    I’m a Twins fan living in Chicago. I love going to US Cellular whether the Twins win or lose (I guess we got a lucky run this year, I can assure you it won’t be like that every year). White Sox fans are gracious, entertaining, and I love the fact that your stadium is free of crappy gimmicks and that the fans are real (unlike a certain north side club that shall remain nameless). Rants like yours are welcome, because you can bet your life there would’ve been similar ones on the Twins side of things if the season had gone the other way. This passion for the game, this “hate without real hatred” is great and makes for a true, passionate sports fan. I’m not sure why people are getting their knickers in a twist about your post, it all seems like good fun.

    One thing that’s amazed me about my fellow Twins fans on Twitter this season is the incredible negativity about the Twins. There’s an almost holier-than-thou attitude emerging which expects the team to win every single game. God forbid the Twins underperform or a player does something stupid on the field, they get CRUCIFIED by the so-called “tweeps” who can remain anonymous behind their usernames and rant like crazy. Here was a team performing above expectations most of the year, and everyone just complained and whined, with players like Michael Cuddyer especially coming under great scrutiny for every tiny mistake he made. Sure, he gets paid a lot, sure he could’ve been more ‘clutch’ — we’re all aware of this — but the bitter vitriol against him (and others when they performed badly) was intolerable.

    I got the feeling that this year, Twins fans got all serious on us, stopped having fun, stopped just enjoying the game and watching it, taking the rough with the smooth. Instead of just shouting at their TVs, they’ve began shouting to everyone on the Internet. With Twitter, suddenly everyone’s an expert.

    Of course, it’s easy to just ignore the #Twins tag in Twitter (which I think many of us have begun to do, but sometimes, like a train wreck, you can’t help but watch) but I’m beginning to feel that a lot of Twins fans are starting to get awfully big-headed about their team this year and could be setting themselves up for a big disappointment in the play-offs again.

    I’m a big Twins fan, I love the rivalry in the division, I love to hate the Sox, but I’d take a rant about how much you hate the Twins (and the entertainment value it provides) over whiny Twins fans complaining about every tiny thing the team does wrong, even when they’re having one of the best damn seasons in years, any day of the week.

    God forbid the Twins and their fans start turning into sanctimonious pricks with an attitude like they deserve to win every year like the Red Sox and Yankees fan base do.

    • Holy shit, Jeremy. You are in the running for best comment I’ve received thus far. That’s not intended as ass-smooching, but I thought I’d be honest since what you have observed, and were able to articulate is something very near to my heart. Our White Sox fans (save a “honeymoon, grace period” for a solid 2006 season) have increasingly been guilty of what you had described as fan behavior, ever since 2007. I guess after we won in 2005, everyone just assumed, and expected that a Dynasty was born by some baseball version of an Immaculate Conception. I saw it different. I felt like we had caught lightning in a bottle for a single moment in time, and each season since has been time spent tirelessly trying to re-create that trick. It hadn’t YET worked out, but I have witnessed, and appreciated the effort involved in trying to field a better team than the one in 2005, with very mixed results. I believe I am very much like you in that I am grounded in reality, and that I appreciate how difficult it is for ANY team to win a World Series Title. The ones who expect it, and micro-analyze each pitch of each and every at-bat, and criticize the result? Well, I have spent an entire year on our message boards battling tooth and nail at times to point out what you had perfectly captured in your post. Congratulations to you for having a reasonable perspective, grounded in reality…where you have just succeeded in articulating this, I have failed to do so while being consumed with “slaying dragons” and losing sight (at times) of the overall goal: which of course, is ENJOYMENT! Thanks again for your post.

    • chisoxii

      That was well said brother.

  36. John P

    There is no crying in baseball!

    Prove your point by fielding a better team next year.

    • chisoxii

      I don’t think he’s crying about baseball. I think he’s had it with holier than thou fans who think their club is something it’s not and talking exorbitant amounts of empty-hearted shit.

      He’s not the only one.

    • Actually, there is crying in baseball, John P…I found that out in 2005, and was surprised when it happened. Tears of joy are too powerful to hold back, even for the most manly of men. I wept like a child…part joy, part relief, and a whole lot of pride. I’m looking forward to taking the next step toward re_creating that feeling, as early as next season. Maybe you’ll get to experience it this season? If you do, you’ll have earned that right to cry….just don’t cry like a little girl if/when you lose, because I will not allow it. A better team? You can count on that.

  37. Kyle

    As a Twins fan, I feel the same way about how your organization is run and would never wish that upon my own. Example: letting a solid young pitcher named Daniel Hudson go for Edwin Jackson?! – even if he doesn’t pan out, I would still take that chance everyday of the week over a proven inconsistent (and much more expensive) commodity in Jackson.

    The baseball postseason is a huge crapshoot, any team can beat any team 4 times out of 7, hell even the Pirates could do that if they were on the hot streak of all hot streaks. Exhibit A: the 2005 White Sox. By the way, no one cares, because 2005 is also fast becoming ancient history. I’ll take a continually competitive team that I enjoy watching year after year than a one year wonder because at least I know I have a chance EVERY year. Your team hadn’t been to the Series since 1959 and hadn’t won since 1917. You have exactly 0 (that’s a Zero) World Series Titles since 1917, THAT’s a fact.

    • Surely, you meant HAD “…exactly 0 (that’s a Zero) World Series Titles since 1917…” because 2005 changed your “have” to a “had”, and THAT’S a fact. Daniel Hudson? Who’s Daniel Hudson, he gone, and already forgotten. We got E-Jax, and you’ll have to deal with him for as long as he is with us. I like the talent upgrade. Enjoy being competetive Kyle, while I enjoy being relevant in a recent World Series Champion conversation. Especially if the conversation is centered around teams from within our own AL Central Division.

  38. And we, as Twins fans aren’t:

    -Cowardly enough to attack Tom Gamoba
    -Stupid enough to attack Laz Diaz

    Stay classy, South Side.

    • Unfortunately, we earned that “Stay classy…” from those two miscreants that attacked Tom Gamboa. It’s a part of our history, no denying that, but you cannot blame the entire organization for something that was an absolutely isolated incident. Now if it happened regularly, or even a few times, I might be looking for some different gear to wear. I hope it never happens again, to anyone, anywhere. Hopefully it was a lesson learned about security for MLB.

  39. Honest Twins Fan

    I enjoyed your rant, your passion, and have provided one passion filled rant in return.

    I am a Twins fan, and an honest Twins fan at that. I promise that within this comment post, I will only give you the real truth and candidness that I believe true fans deserve.

    Yes, your team won the World Series in 2005. Yes, as a Twins fan, I was jealous that you were able to enjoy what we have so desperately wanted to enjoy since 1991.

    We had won the division 3 times in a row, and then your team wins it once and wins it all. Fuck.

    That is just as much a part of the past as 1991 is now. Hold onto your memories of 2005. For me personally, 2005 was a terrible year, somewhat punctuated by your team winning.

    You weren’t around in 1987 or 1991, so you may not know and claim to not care… but those were two remarkable World Series Championships. ’87 was remarkable because it displayed the ability for a group that had been losing together since ’82 to come together and finally assert themselves as Champions of the World.

    ’91 was remarkable for multiple reasons. Having the Twins and the braves go from worst to first in their divisions, and then face off in a 7 game World Series for the ages was nothing short of astonishing. Any Twins fan need not be reminded of two names that exemplify our memories and pride regarding that team; Puckett and Morris. You say that you cried when your team won. I can still be brought to tears watching footage or hearing replays of certain moments from our World Series years. You let me know how you feel about the memories of your 2005 team in 20 years, and we’ll see which team or Championship was more ‘relevant’.

    Perhaps you can easily discount those memories, or their significance, simply because they didn’t happen within your arbitrary 10-15 year time frame. Perhaps you are not as emotionally connected to your team’s victories as you seem to be impassioned by their failures. Perhaps you just argue your points based on their convenience to your particular “rant” of the moment. However you cognitively re-frame your thoughts, you must admit that choosing a time frame in which a World Series Championship is “relevant” makes about as much sense as saying that Nobel Peace Prizes from the 1970’s is irrelevant. That’s bullshit and I think you know it.

    Furthermore… if a team doesn’t deserve your respect until they’ve won a World Series in the last 10-15 years, who the fuck did you cheer for prior to 2005? You were asked this by another person earlier in the comments section, but you shirked the responsibility of being accountable for an answer.

    Let me rephrase this so that you cannot avoid the issue. Prior to 2005, your team had not won a championship in 80 some odd years. You had, in fact, lost one and before that thrown one (don’t tell me you’re not ashamed that your team did that. That is an act almost beyond forgiveness). Given that you hadn’t been “relevent in a conversation regarding recent World Champions” (which seems to be the crux of your arguements… your “deadly weapon” if you will) up to that point, where did the passion and “tears of joy” that you claim to have had come from? Why did you give a fuck?

    The answer is simple and honest. Because you WANTED the team that you love to win it all.

    Now… onto more current times. In 2008, your team beat my team in a game 163 that was dramatic and exciting and, for Twins fans, ended very sadly. Your team went on to do nothing in the postseason. Do you disregard your memories and pride and excitement from that game 163 because you didn’t win it all after that? If you do, then you are hopeless and are not what I consider to be a true fan.

    One year later, my team went to 163 again, this time winning a thrilling, pulse-pounding game and sending one more round of roars and Homer Hankies through that old ballpark that your team seems to have hated so much. Then we were swept. Was I pissed? Yes. Was I sad? Yes. Does that mean that I disregard and discount any of the joy and passion and exhuberance from what we did achieve that year? Hell no. Why? Because I love my teams successes more than I hate their failures.

    True, up until this year, we had won 5 Division Championships in 8 years without having won the World Series. And this year we have won our 6th Division Championship in 9 years. Can the Twins win the World Series this year? Yes. Will we? I don’t know… I hope so very much that we do.

    Can your team win the World Series this year? No.

    Does that make you feel sad and angry? It better, or else you are not truly the fan that you say you are.

    All in all, your points about being fine with your loyalty and fine with your team and fine with your players and fine with those idiot announcers you have and fine with your small home run friendly ballpark and fine with your teams legacy including 8 men out and fine with a partially retarded and overly aggressive general manager and fine with your history of ugly-ass uniforms and fine with Manny (ha, ha, ha) and fine with E-Jax (meh.) and fine with getting hit in the face cause Paul K was a real man for staying in that game and hitting a hme run that didn’t win that game and fine that AJ is a pussy shit talking little fucking faggot (and I’m glad ‘he gone’ from here) and fine with Thome being our guy now and fine with all of your teams BULLSHIT just makes me even more fine with being proud of my team kicking the shit out of yours this year and having a chance to win THIS YEARS WORLD SERIES.

    And if we do, I’ll make sure I stop by to recieve some of the respect you’ve promised regarding “conversations of recent World Series Champions.”

    Honest Twins Fan


    I hate your team, and wouldn’t trade one of our players for all of yours. Not even Punto.

    Go Twins!!!!

    • YAWN. Oh hey, are you done? Good. Thanks for playing along. Now back it up.

      • Honest Twins Fan

        “YAWN”…? Because it was more than the average 50 word response by “smug Twins fans?”

        Because it was really sooo boring…?

        Bullshit. “YAWN” because you have no response to what I said. “YAWN” like a dejected teen-ager says “whatever” when they’ve been proven wrong. “YAWN” because none of your points about your team were very articulate and you shouldn’t be expected to muster much of a response in the face of solid questions about your logic?

        Yet again, shirking the questions and comments that truly chop away at your weak “rant”.

        Your team sucked… has sucked… will likely continue to suck…

        And part of their legacy is throwing the World Series.

        “Now back it up.” Back what up? Are you confused and think that you are actually talking to the Minnesota Twins team? I do back up what I say by being a fan of my team in the fullest way that I know how. Part of that responsibility is taking other team’s fan’s comments seriously and then responding seriously.

        I don’t expect much from fans of your team though. Or from your team.

        Well, except maybe quotes from your manager. I’ll miss him sucking my teams dick when he’s in Florida next year…

      • YAWN: as in, you bore me. “Being a fan of my team in the fullest way that you know how”? BaaaaaaaaahhhhhWaaaaaaaahhhh! You’re “fullest” of something, that’s for sure. Anger, at minimum. Face it, you are weak, and your rant was weak. Deal with it. And, “I’ll miss him sucking my teams dick…” is scary, young man. Go get some help for that, because until you do, you are a danger to yourself, and society.

      • chisoxii

        Jesus Christ on a cracker. Those players wouldn’t have needed to take a cent if Comiskey wasn’t such a tight ass. That said, I have two comments:

        Some people are out there stuffing themselves.

        I’d never trust a guy that didn’t try to steal a little bit.

    • chisoxii

      You had a pretty good rant going until you became overly humored at your illiterate, run-on summation.

      Yes, I’m referring to this one:

      your points about being fine with your loyalty and fine with your team and fine with your players and fine with those idiot announcers you have and fine with your small home run friendly ballpark and fine with your teams legacy including 8 men out and fine with a partially retarded and overly aggressive general manager and fine with your history of ugly-ass uniforms and fine with Manny (ha, ha, ha) and fine with E-Jax (meh.) and fine with getting hit in the face cause Paul K was a real man for staying in that game and hitting a hme run that didn’t win that game and fine that AJ is a pussy shit talking little fucking faggot (and I’m glad ‘he gone’ from here) and fine with Thome being our guy now and fine with all of your teams BULLSHIT just makes me even more fine with being proud of my team kicking the shit out of yours this year and having a chance to win THIS YEARS WORLD SERIES.


      You’ve mentioned the Black Sox twice now, as if those working class guys did something any one of us wouldn’t have done had we been in their shoes. I don’t begrudge any of them, but maybe that’s because I understand the history around the event a helluva lot better than you do.

  40. Honest Twins Fan

    You didn’t censor my post, did you? It no longer lists as “pending moderation”… it just isn’t here.

    That would be so pussy ass of you. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt until I see more new posts without mine present…

  41. LOL Sox

    HA! Sounds like someone is bitter that the Twins own the White Sox.

    • Bitter is the wrong word. Enjoy your “ownership” as long as you can…’cause when the REPO man comes to claim the rightful owner’s property from you…it won’t be pretty. I guess it will be sort of like when your ice fishing shanty gets taken away…you thought it was cold before? Think of losing to the White Sox (season series, and/or Division Title) in 2011….BRRRRRRRR.

  42. It doesn't matter

    It’s not as if the Twins owned you JUST this year. They own you EVERY YEAR. Let’s face it, the White Sux are going to be waiting another 80 years for the next championship while Twins dynasty is just beginning. Enjoy watching the games on TV.

    • “Owned” is such a hollow term if you really think about it, sir. I don’t keep up with the season series records like some fans do because I don’t assign too much value to it. EVERY YEAR is really inaccurate as well. Because you have 2008, and of course 2005 which you clearly did not own anything, except the right to watch the postseason on TV. Yes, this year I will be watching with nothing at stake…if the Twins win, you’ll have earned the right to gloat, but if you don’t, you’ll (again) be no better than any other of the 29 teams that failed, while only 1 succeded. That 80 years thing is so tired. I’ve technically been a fan for 35 years, so for me, I waited for 30 years to experience my first World Series Title as a fan. Before that, it didn’t matter.

  43. AK

    Wow baseballjones, spend much time on your blog? Face it man, the White Sox suck, Ozzie has become an “also ran” and Hollywood’s act is tired. I’m a Twins fan and I live in Chicago and I LOVE listening to the guys on 670 and ESPN 1000 bitch and moan about another White Sox loser. When you can get your TV announcer to stop sucking the Twins c*#ks every time we play them, then I’ll start listening to the rants of bitter White Sox fans. Enjoy the off-season…

    • Adam, I am ALREADY enjoying the off-season, can’t you tell? I have no pressure. I wake up each day having already put down the burden of another potentially disappointing season. When will you be able to do the same? With each failed trip to the post-season, the pressure on Twins fans grows exponentially. For all of the reasons you mentioned above, we are the perennial darkhorse, the one NOBODY (especially those idiots in the Chicago media) expects anything from. That is exactly why when it happens again (another World Series), it will be that much sweeter. 2005 was the proof that it can be done. 20__, will be the “Redemption Song”, and I would much rather have that, than what yours will be…which is an 18-year-old monkey (that gets bigger and heavier each season of failure) lifted off of a franchise’s back. The Twins have slowly become the Atlanta Braves of the AL, only far less impressive, but that’s just my opinion.

  44. I am a huge Twins fan… and this was an extremely excellent blog post. This is exactly the kind of stuff that is going to make it that much better when the Twins win the World Series this year. Don’t ever change White Sox fans!

    Seriously, I’d buy you a beer if I had the chance.

    • And I would drink it with you, and we’d have a great chat about our respective loyalties, and love of the great game of baseball. Realize, that the more I post about the Twins, and poke at their fanbase (this is all in good fun, btw) the more I expose myself for a huge day of reckoning should the Twins ultimately pull off the WSC this season. But hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. As they say in Vegas, “go big, or go home”…I am betting that it won’t happen, but if it does, chances are great that it will have been very entertaining to witness.

  45. Twinsluvver

    Okay…I’ll bite then. Um…the feeling is mutual? I hate the Sox too. There. Are you happy?

    Actually, the only thing I take issue with because I don’t care what you think is the idea that the White Sox fans get to gloat about a world championship. I live in Illinois (moved from MN) since 2005 and clearly, this town forgot that it had been 80 something years before they won a title. And back then I was sure to congratulate Sox fans on message boards and in person because I recall how important 87 and 91 were to me and my growning up. There is truly nothing like celebrating a world series championship.

    But clearly many Sox fans just can’t handle the hype and seem to forget that they aren’t the ONLY team to ever win a World Series.

    So again, just to be a sport and as a diplomatic guesture: Congrats on 2005. That team sure kicked our butts and we sucked back then. Surely nothing we or any other team can do will ever match the brilliance and magic of your 2005 White Sox.

    Jim Thomes new team and their fans

    • Not living in Chicago (or even Ilinois), puts me at a bit of a disadvantage, in terms of having the pulse of the local fanbase. I moved away in the late 90’s, but have faithfully followed the White Sox since I was old enough to understand baseball. I’ve said it many times, but at the risk of being redundant, will keep saying it. The 80 years thing I only use in a discussion to remind a fan how fortunate we were to witness 2005. What I think the City is all too often guilty of forgetting is how difficult it was to win it in the first place, and how difficult it is to repeat once you lose the advantage of being able to sneak up on everybody like we did that year. Many of the fans I argue with seem to believe that 2005 should have been repeated each year since, and are all too quick to blame those who achieved this difficult thing in the first place. I don’t listen to the Chicago media, ever. It’s one of the things I miss the least about growing up in Chicago. They’re awful.
      Thanks for the gesture, I think. And enjoy Jim Thome as long as you have him, its not often in a fan’s career of following that you can say that you got to witness the greatness of a Hall of Famer up close. I loved that he joined the White Sox in 2006, and gave his all to the organization while he was a part of ours, but also supported the decision to not bring him back, as what we were doing with him was clearly not achieving the desired results. The same fans who wanted him gone (too slow, too many K’s, too old, only cared about 600 HR) are some of the same ones crucifying the management for not bringing him back, or better yet, allowing him to beat us now with your Twins. It’s pure hypocrisy. I am sure you have plenty of fair-weathered fans that irritate and boggle the reasonable mind. It’s always nice to get an objective opinion, especially from “boots on the ground, and behind enemy lines”.

  46. As Brian Cashman said earlier this season, “we all try and copy what the Minnesota Twins do.” The lucky thing for you, Lifer, is you not only get to try and copy, you also get to trail the Twins in the standings two out of every three years.

    All in good fun, of course. It wouldn’t be a rivalry if the Sox weren’t as successful as they have been. Keep it going and we’ll see you in 2011.

    Lookin’ forward to it.

    • The letter was also written in good fun, but also in all seriousness. The middle finger, and the “Go F— Yourselves” WAS heartfelt, but not intended for the entire fanbase, I hope some people can realize that. It did create more conversation than I expected, and it’s been (for the most part) cordial, intelligent, and fun. The league-wide perception of the Twins organization wears on me. The quote I most often lean on with respect to my loyalty to my White Sox, is: “We are who we are”, right or wrong, our fans need to take it or leave it as far as I am concerned, and not stay in the middle to whine and complain about each imperfection.

      For as much bad baseball that I have witnessed in my career as a fan, I can actually handle: “you also get to trail the Twins in the standings two out of every three years.” as long as it means that I don’t have to compromise and change too much. That’s the stubborn loyalty in me I guess. I am looking forward to our continued rivalry, and for the most loyal of your Twins, I do wish you a successful postseason. We will attempt to make your run next season MUCH more difficult, and the fun (as always) will be the ride along the way. I appreciate your comment, and also the traffic that you were responsible for creating by posting that link…it was substantial. Keep up your good work, and especially enjoy the playoffs.

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