When Perception is not consistent with Reality

It becomes a useful exercise to read all of the comments on the White Sox website from fans of the Chicago White Sox.  Some actually help to serve as inspiration for a blog post.  This one comes from one of the more annyoying posters on the site I frequent so often.  I find myself disagreeing most often with the views of a fan who seems to be obsessed with the idea that both Kenny Williams (White Sox GM) and Ozzie Guillen (Manager) are at all interested in his opinions/ideas…it is quite comical at times when he actually takes credit for certain things happening on the field or in relation to a roster move.  I try to be fair and give him the benefit of the doubt that: surely he MUST be joking, but sometimes, I am not so sure that he isn’t serious to the point of being delusional.

In any event, after several comments were made about how “dumb” Ozzie Guillen was, and now since we are about to host a 3-game series with the Atlanta Braves, the focus has turned to a battle of smarts between Ozzie Guillen and legendary manager Bobby Cox who is in his last season at the helm of the Braves.  cws1fanhawaii inspired me to see just how “smart”, and how much of a better manager ATL had in Bobby Cox.  I will not argue the merit of his complete body of work (career).  BUT, since Ozzie Guillen has become a manager in 2004 to date…OG= 546-495(Regular season only) .525 2 Division Titles (’05 & ’08), 1-World Series WIN (’05), Bobby Cox= 549-493 (Regular season only) .527 2 Division Titles (’04 & ’05), 0-World Series Appearances…interesting how smart Bobby Cox has been in the last several years in comparison to our dumb guy, but at least they have a “chance to win their division” every year…but, don’t we too?

The glaring similarity in record is quite striking actually.  I mean to be only within 2-3 games in a span covering more than 6 years is remarkable.  Of course, my bias will lead me toward the amount of time SINCE Atlanta has been relevant, and I define this as the last time they actually won a Division Title (’05).  They DID have an absolutely amazing run of AL East Division Supremacy there for a good long while, but here lately?  Not so good.  Have you really accomplished anything of real merit and distinction if you haven’t even achieved a shot at a World Series, gained only by securing a post-season appearance?  I don’t think so.  So, to keep the conversation on an even playing field for the best chance at an apples to apples comparison, I did the best thing that I could think of, and that is to limit the statistical data to the same period of time (when they were both MLB managers at the same time).  And in doing so, I confirmed my own suspicion that was immediately raised upon reading that comment.  Ozzie Guillen may not be the best manager in MLB today, but in comparison to Bobby Cox, he not only holds a candle to his mentor’s record of achievement, he’s got him beat in better record in the post-season (12-4, or .750 for Ozzie to 3-6 or .333 for Bobby) AND with the biggest trump card there is in a baseball discussion: A World Series Championship.  Sorry, cws1fanhawaii.  But in this case (and in many others), your PERCEPTION is not consisent with REALITY! 


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