This is a Public Service Announcement for fans of the Chicago White Sox…

(Unfortunately) The rumors of the White Sox return to Major League Baseball relevance have been greatly exaggerated.  While the effort to pull the young 2010 season out of the proverbial ditch has gained traction over the last week, the latest 1-0 near no-hitter/most recent pulling defeat from the jaws of victory example of a loss to the rival Chicago Cubs, it served as a reminder that all is not yet fixed and that the future is still very cloudy for our White Sox.  While the heat on the stove has been temporarily turned down by the recent season-high 4-game winning mini streak, the “windy” trade talks and reports of inner organizational feuding howling in recent days will certainly blow again and fill the sails of the White Sox schooner with any potential loss to the “lowly” Pirates…This next trip to Pittsburgh would be an opportune time for the stumbling Sox to regain some momentum in order to re-instill some faith that THIS SEASON is not yet lost, and that trading off some former invaluable pieces from the 2005 World Series  Championship team will not yet be a necessary move.


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