Ring, Ring….Ring, Ring….Please pick up the Clue Phone, Gordon Beckham; it’s for you!

Wake up kid!  Your Rookie season was a smashing success (pun intended), but for reasons unknown, your Sophomore season has been jinxed beyond the point of being any longer acceptable.  Of course, your disappointing season is far from the only reason that the White Sox are struggling, but again, at some point it has to stop.  With no injury to blame, there can be no other reason than it being a mental problem.  The last thing you want to be as such a young player, is labled as a guy with a fragile psyche.  If confidence (or a lack of) is now the problem, I suggest that you find some somewhere before the team who was more than ready to annoint you the next face of the franchise over the off-season is forced to take drastic measures.

I am not suggesting a trade, or anything so extreme, but a trip back to the minors is a distinct possibility that may be looming if signs of real life are not displayed.  And as recent history has shown us, it does not take Kenny Williams very long to pull the plug on a player.  What were once “pet projects” for promising players such as Danny Richar, Jerry Owens, Chris Getz, and Josh Fields…just to name a few recent “next” position players…it was at times shocking how quickly the tide had turned and each of these players were either packing bags for new addresses, or shuffling toward the MLB unemployment line while new plans had been implemented.  When Jayson Nix gets starts, and Brent Lillibridge is still hanging around for another cup of coffee with the big club, and guys like CJ Retherford and Brent Morel are getting prepped as potential plans B,C, D & E…it should not come as a surprise that the handwriting could soon be legible on the proverbial wall for all to read.  This fan’s advice?  Please answer the phone, and get yourself a “slump-buster” or something (the men will know what my meaning is here)…before it stops ringing, and the call goes out to someone else who is deserving of a shot, just like you were a short year ago.  It’s not like it would be a surprise at this point, as the surprise would actually be allowing you to carry your barely above .200 BA, and nothing-to-write-home-about Defense.  No offense, kid.  Just sayin’….Ring, Ring….


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