Excerpts from the “Cowardly Fan’s Handbook”

Here are a few of my least favorite utterances that I’ve read lately, written about my favorite team, The Chicago White Sox, written by some of the worst “fans” that I can imagine.  Forget that it’s only June 8th, and that there are 106 games left to play in the MLB regular season that will ultimately decide the fate of the 2010 squad, but for me those who take the time to actually type these words (let alone  believe them to be true) are beyond remembering what baseball should be about…hope.

Waving the White Flag

Fire Sale

Blow the team up

Time to rebuild

This team is done

Under achieving

We suck

Washed up

Has been

I’ll come back to revise this list from time to time, but for today, this brief message should send a clear message as to where this fan stands.  You have got to have the stomach, and quite frankly, the balls to endure the trials and tribulations of a FULL 162 GAME SEASON, in order to consider yourself a true fan of any MLB team.  Quitting after 2 months is beyond reproach, especially after waiting a full 6 months for the new season to begin after the end of the last.  My advice to those who read and quote from this particular handbook:



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