There is No Joy in our Mudville!

In attempting to describe the feelings that our White Sox players may be having these days, the image of a man sinking in quicksand comes to mind.  Yes, he has a hold of a vine, and is trying to drag himself out of his predicament…but with each upward grab of the rope, it is followed by a slipping back into the sand, and cause for another re-grip…

And what of our beleaguered Manager and coaching staff?  I see a youngster at an amusement park full of wonderful rides and attractions where everyone is having the time of their lives.  But our particular youngster is not a happy camper.  Why?  Because he keeps riding the rides that aren’t any fun, because those are the only ones that he can get on.  The others have that sign that says “Must be 48” or taller to ride”…and the only problem is, he has waited in the longest lines to get on those rides, only to be turned away when he finally got to the front.

And for the fans?  Besides the obvious loss of hair, from yanking it out by the roots due to utter frustration, and the loss of the voice due to a contiuous screaming in loud tones at either the television, computer screen, radio, or in person….Picture a sweet, innocent child who happens to be afflicted with short-term memory loss.  He burns his hand on the hot stove burner, runs off in tears, only to return a day later, and does what?  That’s right, touches the stove again, and does what?  That’s right, gets burned AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN….



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