Warm up the (*) asterisk button…

With the recent public admission, and tearful interview given by Mark McGwire to MLB.com’s Bob Costas, we as baseball fans are left with yet additional proof that there was wide-spread use of steroids in baseball.  It’s not that we didn’t have any evidence before, as several players have publically admitted as much.  The high-profile names of Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, Andy Pettitte, David Ortiz and now Mark McGwire are just a few that immediately come to mind.  The question of “whether or not?” for me has long since been dispelled, but now the lingering question of  “how many?” remains……………………my answer: WHO CARES!

For as long as the game has been played, there have been performance-enhancing techniques and substances put into use by players to gain any advantage possible.  As far as I am concerned, you can lump steroids, HGH, amphetamines, (and any other substance linked to ball players) into the same category as: stealing signs, corked bats, spit balls, doctored baseballs, hidden scoreboard video taping, or relaying systems of any type the opposing team’s signs or signals given from dug-out, base coach, or catchers.  IT’S ALL CHEATING.

This current anachronism, PED’s (which stands for: Performance Enhancing Drugs) created by our baseball media  is just the latest load of crap that is being peddled by the baseball establishment to its fan base as somehow a “holier than thou moral high-horse” to make us believe that anyone is really interested in “protecting the integrity of the game”.  A term made famous by our latest installment of a baseball czar (commissioner) by the name of “Bud” Selig.  And I am here to tell you fans, not a bigger load of crap does currently exist than this theory.  They embraced the home-run race in 1998 between McGwire & Sosa, and perpetuated the lie of a clean game, all the while turning the blind eye to the obvious use of drugs to help players get stronger, faster, and recover from injury quicker.

Now, in an effort to discuss and decide what is to be done with this somehow “tainted” era of baseball (roughly defined from the early 90’s to the early 2000’s, until the game was ‘cleaned up” by drug-testing…yeah, right) the “giants of America’s game” (commissioner, owner’s, media with Hall of Fame voting credentials, former player’s and I’m sure the player’s union, et al) will decide how to accurately mark this period of history so that it will be distinguished against earlier “clean” periods of time so that fans can have  chance to determine for themselves what historical records are legitimate, and which are tainted?  Not only is this proposition impossible, but is also an absolute waste of time, and an outright joke to boot.

Can we expect Commissioner Bud Selig, in an act of ultimate authority ala  Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis’ decision to forever terminate the playing careers of the 8 members of the infamous “Black Sox” in the World Series game-fixing scandal of 1919, to pass final judgement on anyone who has admitted (or is even suspected of through various inconclusive reports such as the Mitchell Report) to using steroids by implementing the often-discussed ASTERISK?  Just place a little (*) mark next to each record, next to each player’s name and record of accomplishment for a career in  Major League Baseball, and that will cure the ills of the game.  For those that think that this will be an acceptable defining mark to assist in being able to forever distinguish between those players who gained an “unfair advantage” against those players who (by their own admission, and I guess are to be taken at their word) “played naked” (without the use of PED’s)…I say to those, WARM UP THE ASTERISK, BOYS, because YOU’RE GONNA NEED A BUNCH OF ‘EM!



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2 responses to “Warm up the (*) asterisk button…

  1. andyandvickie

    First of all, great picture at the top of the blog. Second, I agree the baseball establishment has an interest in keeping up the premise that the game is being cleaned up. But NOT TOO MUCH. Heaven forbid, we might actually find out the truth of how bad the cheating was.

  2. andyandvickie: thanks for the comment. As crazy as this might sound at face value, the only person intimately involved with baseball that is even remotely interested in the truth is Jose Canseco. I know, crazy right?

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