They said it…v1.0 Juan Pierre

I am going to try something new, and periodically post a collection of viewpoints from other fans &  people “in the know” on topics that are new (or interesting) for our White Sox …let this serve as information that I agree with (all or part) and at times wish I had thought of, or didn’t make or take the time to write…or things that I am now smarter for knowing…v1.0

Real Scout wrote:

What people that post responding to these transactions need to understand is that there is a methodical, meticulous plan taking place here and it is a tribute to Kenny Williams’s direction. Mark Kotsay, Omar Vizquel, Andruw Jones and now Juan Pierre. All these players have good reputations as hard workers, team guys and guys that have played winning defense. Three of four of them have one year deals, with Pierre’s being the only two year deal. Jordan Danks. C.J. Retherford. Brent Morel. Dayan Viciedo. John Shelby Jr. Tyler Flowers. These are all talented players in a restocked and revitalized White Sox farm system and these players will be ready in less than two years to compete at the Major League level. Williams is doing the hardest job well. Contending for today and rebuilding for tomorrow. Bravo Kenny.

RockfordJames wrote:
LEADOFF SOLVED! THANKS KENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DodgerCCP wrote:

Thank you Juan Pierre for your profesional commitment to the Los Angeles Dodgers organization. Your influence on the remaining Dodgers players will never be forgotten by them. The Dodgers fans applaud your commitment to excellence amidst adversity for the team. Well wishes to you and your family as your profesional career continues on the south side of Chicago. Your veteran presence helped LA reach the NLCS the last two seasons. Continue to set the tone for your new club, and a personal thank you from this Dodgers fan.

MILovesSox wrote:

Nice job Kenny! Pierre will upgrade the Sox outfield & he is a more consistent leadoff hitter. No disrespect to Pods, I love the guy, but Pierre is a better overall player. The Sox outfield of Pierre-Rios-Quentin looks much better than last year. Now the only question remaining is DH. Could we re-sign Dye for the DH role. Thome? What’s gonna happen there? This move clearly puts the White Sox as the favorites in the central.

c_w_k wrote:

This was a class act by Ned Colleti. Juan Pierre isn’t going to put up 30 homers or 100 rbi’s….but he will bring a good attitude and grit to the White Sox. He’s a good guy for the game of baseball and its nice to see that Ned Colletti was willing to help Juan’s career. After all that Pierre went through in LA, I never once heard him complain about anything…he’s an absolute team player and its good to see those kind of guys in the game. I wish there were more like him

ChiWSox05 wrote:

Hey ChiSox fans, don’t be so quick to judge, this is a GREAT move by Kenny. Remember, Pierre has been in this league 10 years, he seems old but he’s 32. We have him for 2 years. Danks isn’t ready for the majors yet, he’s seen nothing bigger than Double A ball. Let Danks have time to grow and develop, Pierre solves our immediate need for a leadoff hitter. Pods is a fan favorite, I love the guy, but he’s inconsistent. Pierre is a proven player, excellent team player, an overall great trade, especially considering the Dodgers are paying HALF of his salary for us. We’ll have to wait to see what minor leagues we gave up, but I love this move. And for those compaining about the older veteran moves, it bolsters our bench, gives us leadershp (which we sorely lacked), and Jones for $1 mil?? C’mon, that’s fantastic! Let’s bring Thome back for DH!
Angels4ever wrote:

A ML starting caliber OFer for two minor league pitchers? Did I read that right?


in the event JP reads this article/comments – – THANK YOU! Thank you for putting the name on the front of your jersey as priority over the name on the back of your jersey. Selfishly, I would’ve liked it if you remained a Dodger; .300 hitter, 40+ SB, high on-base %, defense, consummate team player. I hope you get to start every game & that you smoke the leather off the ball. Some may say that as you age, your talent level may wane; that may or may not be true. Watching you play in L.A. through the Andruw Jones/Manny Ramirez/Xavier Paul OF, I can say that one aspect of your persona that will not wane – your character. Best of luck JP.

I love to get feedback from fans outside of our fandom, especially when it involves getting a player in trade or from the last place he played…nobody knows that player as well as the fans who followed and watched with their own eyes…

And finally, my favorite (so far)…

ch1sox4ever wrote:

i hope this shows fans that the sox are serious about winning and hopefully people will support the team.

Your G-Damned Right, Brother!



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2 responses to “They said it…v1.0 Juan Pierre

  1. jamie

    some people are better spoken than others. some people have nothing better to do than to infiltrate message boards and arm-chair the decisions made my management, both large and small. spotting the trolls, and not feeding them is harder said than done.

    doesn’t really matter what people are saying in a heavily moderated venue though, because they’ll always stop short of what they really think.

  2. Absolutely correct. Thanks for the comment BTW. I started this venue so that I could moderate, and take the gloves off a bit more. I still love to be right, don’t get me wrong, but I hope that if anyone takes the time (or is interested enough) to comment, that I will stop short of blatant censorship.

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