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I am continually reminded why I love baseball.  It’s so unpredictable.  Wait, that’s why I sometimes hate baseball.  So far, we have about completed the 4th inning in our annual “hot stove” off-season game, and the results for my Chicago White Sox are a mixed bag.  You have the school of thought that has the team several notches lower than the team that limped to the finish line last season, and you have the camp that has the team annointed as Division locks for starters, and possibly among the League’s elite teams…all based on what?  The word is speculation. With little else to do in the winter baseball “season”, we are moved to pull on our GM hats and dig in to the FA market scribbling mock line-ups, and potential batting orders and honing trade scenarios that are a combination of razor-sharp ideas ranging to absolute pipe dream fantasy.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, but it is a poor substitute for the real thing.  Count me as among the fans with their Plan A, and subsequent contingency plans b & c…but at the end of it all, the best (or worst) laid plans will wither and die on the vine when the actual games get played by actual human beings.  With as many unexplainable occurrences that I have witnessed over my baseball fan existence, I would be only slightly surprised to see a Kansas City Royals v. Washington Nationals World Series matchup, as I would any other scenario that the “pundits” predicted.  It’s why they bother to play the games, and as much as we infuse our passion into trying to decide the eventual outcome, we must sit each year powerless , and hoping to catch a glimpse of greatness and somehow and in some small way be a part of history.  It’s what makes baseball, truly special…


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